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Council press release:

200 fraudulent Blue Badges have been seized by Haringey Council following a joint partnership between disabled residents and the council.

Last year disabled residents co-produced the Blue Badge Enforcement Policy, leading to tougher action against people who are using Blue Badges fraudulently in Haringey.

A significant investment of £1million has been made into a new system which allows civil enforcement officers to see if a Blue Badge is stolen, has been reported lost or the badge holder has deceased.

The new technology allows an instant response when a badge is being checked and as a result the council have been able to seize over 200 badges that have been stolen and taken off the streets of Haringey.

Vehicles misusing the badge are often taken away with the owner having to pay a fine and forfeiting the Blue Badge.

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Click the tag under the pist and you’ll be linked to other posts, which will tell you how to report those vehicles.

A lot of these Blue Badges are stolen from parked cars. My partner's elderly father had his car window smashed and Blue Badges stolen from outside his house three times. He ended up selling his car for scrap and giving up driving all together.

The recipients of the stolen Blue Badges should be fined heftily as they are very aware they are stolen and sold onto them. 

In our extended family I know of two blue badge holders. One is highly visible. The other not.

I'd like to know  the basis on which someone is sure that a "genuine badge is being borrowed or misused." Or that "Blue badge misuse is rife in Haringey."

Nor why this is linked to "high performance cars parked up in N22 with blacked out windows."

The identification of 200 fraudulent permits does suggest that there is a significant problem Alan, especially if that level of fraud is reproduced in other London boroughs.  However I also find it a bit bewildering to single out high performance cars and cars with blacked out window.  Disabled people or the person who drives on their behalf can be petrol heads just like anyone else.  The days of these is fortunately long over.

If you’re not getting the response you need you could email the lead member whose portfolio includes parking enforcement


As someone who lived very close to a football stadium it was quite interesting to see how the users of blue badges parking on my street were predominantly young men with an interest in football driving high performance, extremely high cost vehicles. This is not the most common demographic in the mobility impaired or otherwise disabled. You may think they were all legit users of those badges but I very much doubt it.

I’m sure that the case but isn’t more likely that one tends to notice a blue badge on a flash car rather than a beaten up Nissan Micra?

Technically Michael, the Robin Reliant is not a car- you only need a motorbike license to drive/ride it... ;-)

Technically Justin, it's a Reliant Robin. And less technically, that isn't one of them ;-)

It's an Invacar [link].

Hahahaha. Gotcha!




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