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This from member Les:

We manufactured Handbags from approx 1960 - 1975 in our small workshops that were situated in part of the back garden of the corner house by the alley in Beresford Rd.

I will never forget the time when I parked my Ford Zodiac in the road in Beresford Rd by the alley and ran down the alley to pick up part of a delivery that I had forgot and trusted the dodgy handbrake would be ok, only to find on my return that the car was rolling down the road and mounted the pavement.

I chased after it but it was going to fast and it didn't stop till it knocked down a lamp post and the car finished on top of the lamp post. Shortly after, a police officer arrived on a white Triumph motor cycle and boy was I in trouble.

I'll never forget, it cost me £67 to replace the lamp post which was a lot of money in the sixties. Needless to say how many times I thanked God that no one came out of their door just as this car was hurtling down the pavement!

Thanks for that glimpse into some of Harringay past, Les.

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I live at 61 Beresford Road 1974-to now 

If you look three paragraphs after Fig. 2 on this thread, your house (or the site of your house) is mentioned. 

That puts things into proper perspective eh Hugh ?

Anna, did you check out Hugh's suggestion below ??

I was born in 129 Beresford Road, upstairs in the front room, in the middle of WW2, bombs all around.

Made me chuckle Geraldine.  Do you suspect 'they' were looking for you ?

Ha Ha, John.  I wouldn't be surprised.  All kinds of things were going on in 1941!



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