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I came across an old video of Southgate in the 1950s today, It contains some footage of a house called Grovelands. The house was built by Walker Gray, younger brother to Edward Gray who built Harringay House. Grovelands was built on a small spur overlooking parkland in 1799. Harringay House was built on a hillside in 1792 overlooking parkland.

Below is a still of Grovelands from the old film and an excerpt of a map of Harringay showing the shape of Harringay House. Whilst I'm sure the two weren't identical, I think there's good reason to suppose that the two houses shared much in common.

Since no picture has yet been found of Harringay House, it's the best we have.





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I guess Grovelands House is now The Priory clinic, next to Grovelands Park? A fantastic building, though you can't get too close to it...

Great find Hugh!

yy, I'm sure it's The Priory now.

Very interesting Hugh.

I can just imagine a similar house nestling in the trees where Harringay House once was


Congratulations, a splendid speculation.  I wonder how the brothers got on.  Do you know whether Walker also was interested in hot houses?

Grovelands is grander than what my mind's eye created and I wonder whether a picture will one day be found.

Yes, pure speculation. Grand as it may be, it looks like it was smaller than Harringay House.

'fraid I've no idea about hot houses, but I'm sure there's oodles of history on Grovelands to be rooted around in.

There's a conversation about the gate lodges just added here

Dick reading your comment again about the grandeur of Harringay House, I think it was grand. Edward Gray was seriously wealthy, wealthier than the brother who built Grovelands. We also know from a quote I gave in a comment to the gate house post that Harringay House was built in a simillar style to Grovelands. So I think, in the absence of anything else, Grovelands is not a bad proxy.



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