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I received the following email from Rob Chau of the Harringay Traders last night. Rob is the guy making the running with the plans for the forthcoming Mayor's Fund money that will be spent in Harringay.


As part of the Outer London Fund Round 1 actions, we are now going to replace the centre bridge banners even if only for a short period (Dec). This has presented us with an opportunityl. We want to put forward a message about all the OLF regeneration that is coming to Green Lanes. The idea is to design a much improved banner, until all the ads are out of commitment, and before Round 2 work starts.

Q. do you have any specific notion of what you would like to see up there?

I am meeting the graphics designers on Thurs, hopefully we can move collectively on this which needs to be confirmed before end of March!

Sorry it's short notice, GLA only gave us the green light on the funding today!

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Unless people want the bridge painted.

The banner and the painting are two separate issues.

Except that Network Rail cannot paint the bridge while the banner is in place.

Good Idea Alan. would you support a campaign to have network rail paint and maintain the bridge? 

Any other councillors want to get on board?

Come on HOL I reckon a significant amuont of us would prefer a nicely painted bridge rather than one coved in a banner.

lets do it.

TW, I have a serious confession to make. When I mentioned the Arts Council and UNESCO . . . well, I assumed people would realise I was trying to make a point using irony and humour.

But c'mon, Unesco? Who takes them seriously? Have they been invited to the re-opening of the Hala restaurant? Do they even know that Disney's is really a furniture store and not a bunch of  cartoonists?

As for my absurd claim that a single glance at the b....r has turned small children to stone?  Total exaggeration. It was only one child. And the woman pushing him in the buggy said: "See? Serves you right. I told you not to look."


But what I really don't get is why you and other people don't just talk to Rob Chau, to the Gardens Residents Association, and the Ladder Safety Partnership, and other people involved. And also just ask Network Rail for some basic information about their Bridge plans.

Alan, can you please stop it with all the patronising. For heavens sake I agreed with you.  It's a good idea that people should be more proactive instead of just complaining about issues online. Having worked along side you on HMO's I thought you above all people would know that I am proactive soul.

I have called Network Rail and spoke to a very helpful chap who explained that no one has complained about the bridge before and urged people to do so if they want soemthing done about it. So I did.

I asked three questions.

  • Can Network Rail please repaint bridge as it is looking very tatty and unwelcoming
  • When can they paint it? preferably in time fro 2012
  • Please can Network Rail consult the with the  public (i.e. the people who have called up to complain about the stste of the bridge) over colour schemes etc

I went on to explain something along the lines of,  "this area's image has been badly damaged by the summer riots and  that we have since been fortunate enough to received 1.8 million from the OLF to regenerate the area.  As a result it would  great for Network Rail to engage positively with Harringay by repainting the bridge"

He promised I would get response in writing within 21 working days. From dial up to hang up the call lasted no longer than 4 minutes . As Alan said Call 08457 114 141. A message will come up mentioning technical difficulties please call back later. Don't, just wait a bit and press option 3

Those of you who want to see the bridge painted please do the same. The more of us who get onto them the more chance we have of getting Network Rail to engage.

I will also contact Rob Chau and the LCSP to let know my thoughts. Again do the same if you want to make a change.

Alan I'll ask again, would you back a scheme of dialogue between Network Rail and residents of Harringay about having the bridge painted and maintained?

To the boroughs other councillors will you get on board?

Many thanks TW. Well done. let us know when you get the letter from them 

I apologise TW if I came across as patronising. That wasn't my intention. I was trying to use humour to make a point and lighten-up the discussion. Obviously I failed. (Again)

As you said, we worked together on HMOs and Certificates of Lawfulness issues. So yes, I know you have a solid track record of offline activity.

I'm also very pleased that you've taken the initiatives you list. But I hope you'll also understand why I sometimes get the impression that while people may post their gripes online on HoL, they don't always report on practical steps offline which they've taken.

It also seems that people like Rob Chau, Andy Newman and others who get things moving, can never please everyone. So I would always favour not just giving them your own views; but arranging conversations where local residents can listen to one another's views and build their judgements.

As you know, I live quite a distance from Green Lanes and the bridge. Although I do spend a lot of time in the neighbourhood. But there are nine councillors whose three wards meet at the bridge and they're the ones who should be asked their views.

It's also worth considering the question. Do I or other councillors support getting Network Rail to paint its bridges and keep them properly maintained?  That's like one of those questions which Simon Hoggart uses to illustrate his Law of Nonsensical Reverse. In other words, phrased like that, no reasonable person could possibly disagree.

But let's imagine that Network Rail allocated a substantial pot of money to improve this part of the line. And say they ask local residents to rank their priorities between: painting the bridge; improving staffing and safety at the station; repairing fences; removing dumping, and baiting for rats.

Would you get a consensus on painting the bridge as first choice? Only one pot, mind.

Surely it's London Overground who are responsible for staffing and security at stations such as HGL which has clearly improved 100% in recent years- HGLanes used to have no staff at all now they do, and lighting etc. It's safe and pleasant to use all times of day now. 

Network Rail responsible for tracks and bridge (I believe but correct if wrong) and each area of their remit has a budget- it's not one thing competing with another surely so why should local residents have to rank in order of importance? They are all important. a properly maintained bridge is a safe bridge. Painting it might reveal structural faults etc. 

I take your point about people doing things offline and not just chit chatting online- I think some people do but HoL is what it is, a very usual Forum for discussion and airing of views, letting off steam and it often does result in action being taken eg. last years riots help for burnt out families was tremedous, regular bulb planting and guerilla gardening, help with schools, with older people  etc etc.

We might be a mouthy, complaining lot but I sincerely believe that we do get a lot done often following on from outbursts on this site. 

enjoy the sunshine everyone! 

Ok Alan. You obviously have Mr Chau's e-mail address. if you care to pass it to me, I will happily let him know how I feel about the banner. Although I don't see what good it will do since I believe he may be responsible for the design of the banner but not for the decision to install a banner.

You appear not to want us to air gripes on HOL but prefer us to "  (arrange ) conversations where local residents can listen to one another's views and build their judgements " Is that not what we are doing on HOL ?

Further - if you could list the nine councillors concerned, with their e-mail addresses I will be happy to give them my views ( NOT listen to THEIR views, since they represent me, not the other way round.

The following is published information:

Harringay Traders Assoc - Secretary Rob Chau
c/o 523 Green Lanes
London N4 1AN
Tel: 07810 308867
Fax: 020 8340 6474
email: rob@harringay4shops.com

Councillors' emails:

  Harringay Ward




  Seven Sisters Ward




  St Ann’s Ward




John, I agree with you that Hol provides a forum for conversations; and I'm not suggesting in any way that this stops. But nor does it prevent old fashioned face-to-face talking as well. As Hugh's given you Rob Chau's contact details can I just add the suggestion that as well as emailing Rob you might also chat together over a coffee or similar.

Thank you Hugh and Alan.



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