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I received the following email from Rob Chau of the Harringay Traders last night. Rob is the guy making the running with the plans for the forthcoming Mayor's Fund money that will be spent in Harringay.


As part of the Outer London Fund Round 1 actions, we are now going to replace the centre bridge banners even if only for a short period (Dec). This has presented us with an opportunityl. We want to put forward a message about all the OLF regeneration that is coming to Green Lanes. The idea is to design a much improved banner, until all the ads are out of commitment, and before Round 2 work starts.

Q. do you have any specific notion of what you would like to see up there?

I am meeting the graphics designers on Thurs, hopefully we can move collectively on this which needs to be confirmed before end of March!

Sorry it's short notice, GLA only gave us the green light on the funding today!

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It has been condemned and vilified by the Arts Council and UNESCO. There are Facebook groups for residents who can't stop throwing-up when they even think of it. I've met grown men reduced to tears by driving under it. And seen innocent small children turned to stone by a single sidelong glance at it.

So faced with this hideous monstrosity which is the bridge [yeuch, I can't bring myself to type the word] b....r, how could any reasonable person do other than castigate, excoriate, reprove, chastise, and decry the unmentionable item in question?

But Mr Hoyle, please read the email from Rob Chau at the top of this thread. We're discussing a temporary replacement.

Medical science can help. Humourectomy is now reversible.

But that implies they envisage a PERMANENT replacement.


If "Harringay Green Lanes" had anything worth talking about, we'd be talking about it. Ah yes, a BRIDGE runs through it!

I'm glad it's a railway bridge, as a user of public transport- it's a good line and much better service now, that is something to be cheerful about.  I think it should be just left as a bridge and b***r the banner. 

As for slush funds and Boris Outer London Regeneration funds (maybe an enticement to vote for the Blonde Boy Wonder?) it is always our money, really. It's not coming from Boris's pockets. 

I suspect my suggestion might not be very popular with many, but I would LOVE to see the language on the poster represent Cypriot Greek and Cypriot Turkish rather than the formal Athenian and Istanbul Greek and Turkish as currently. This would be probably too much of a statement for most, but it COULD represent the FIRST time people's actual language has been used in a formal setting anywhere in the world.

A fair bit of the Kurdish population here also seems to come from Iraq, so it would be good to have welcome in Sorani Kurdish as well as Kurmanci.

You mean they're not one and the same? I've heard of dialects (high and low German comes to mind and Norwegian is just a dialect of Swedish *ducks*) but in the formal written form they're unified.

Why not use the local vernacular when it comes to English too then? "Welcome to Harringay, Innit!".

We explain to mystified visitors from abroad that some varieties of Tottenham English are nearly consonant-free. (Zena's nephew calls her "ahn ee" with two glottal stops. "Orrai?" is "hello", of course.)

Then maybe, Jane, it's time for people who agree with you and feel strongly to begin a phone-in / email-in / write-in / campaign to Network Rail getting them to paint the bridge. Their National Helpline may be a good starting point: 08457 11 41 41

But Alan, Network Rail did not put up the banner - it was the Council, acting in cahoots with the Harringay Traders.. The Council should take it down and then Network Rail can repaint the bridge.

John, I'm simply suggesting that Jane and people sharing her view could voice it directly to Network Rail.

Network Rail have the power to make decisions and plans about the bridge. As far as I know, nobody from the company has said if and when they plan to repaint it. I don't even know if anyone has asked them.

Alan - I don't know how to put this more simply -

The Council put the banner up

The Council should take it down

Network Rail is not involved.



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