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I received the following email from Rob Chau of the Harringay Traders last night. Rob is the guy making the running with the plans for the forthcoming Mayor's Fund money that will be spent in Harringay.


As part of the Outer London Fund Round 1 actions, we are now going to replace the centre bridge banners even if only for a short period (Dec). This has presented us with an opportunityl. We want to put forward a message about all the OLF regeneration that is coming to Green Lanes. The idea is to design a much improved banner, until all the ads are out of commitment, and before Round 2 work starts.

Q. do you have any specific notion of what you would like to see up there?

I am meeting the graphics designers on Thurs, hopefully we can move collectively on this which needs to be confirmed before end of March!

Sorry it's short notice, GLA only gave us the green light on the funding today!

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OK Alan

I mailled all the councillors listed above and Mr Chau as follows :

Dear Councillor,
."......Many residents, and I am one, feel that the bridge should not be used as an advertising hoarding and that the banners should be removed and not replaced.
Any banner exacerbates the visual pollution on Green Lanes. It is an eyesore and is a distraction for drivers and consequently a danger to pedestrians.. It serves no purpose other than providing advertising space for a few comercial businesses. It does not, as can be seen, deter graffiti artists. People passing through will not be tempted to linger and shop in an environment so disfigured by a spurious attempt to create a sense of identity, an attempt which merely makes the area look cheap and tacky. It attracts a minute financial contribution to the Council's finances by prostituting the area in which we live.
Our near-neighbour, William Morris said " Have nothing ( in your house ) that you do not know to be useful or believe to be
beautiful'   A banner on the railway bridge is neither useful nor beautiful.
I would ask you to support my request for the removal of the banners and to take whatever action you deem effective vis-à-vis the Council to achieve this. "

I got a very courteous reply from Mr Chau but NOT ONE councillor has responded to my request.

I understand that Councillor Canver has sent a mail to the Councillors concerned saying :

" as the chair of Green Lanes Strategy Group I will be responding to Mr Douglas's e-mail. I'll copy you into my response. Pls leave it to me. "

She has not done so yet.

What gives her the right to impose a 3-line whip on Councillors not even in her party? I wrote to the councillors as individuals and I hoped for individual replies.

I gather that the plan is to replace the existing banners with a temporary banner saying that there will be a new, exciting banner sometime in the future. A banner to advertise a banner ? How crazy is that ?

TW: this all sounds constructive.

My own view earlier about wording, assumed that there would necessarily be a banner on the bridge. If we don't have to have a banner, then I favour no banner plus a bridge painted in a non-garish colour, perhaps a pale grey or brown.

I walk under the current ugly banner several times a week and try to keep it, at most, in my peripheral version. Upper deck bus passengers passing underneath and wishing to look at something less gaudy and more tasteful, will need to avert their gaze towards the Harringay Mcdonalds Restaurant, alongside.

We're all idiots. We should have planned what we wanted on the banner ages ago so we'd have a ready answer for Rob rather than having to come out here like this and consult AGAIN. Oh... wait...

Deja vu on so much of the discussion here including the Network Rail responsibility issue. 

It's a bridge too far, one banner too many. 

Let's be rid of the banner and leave the bridge in all its glory and worry about having it painted another day. The banner is tacky and I guess the replacement (temporary) will be as well. Spend the money on a bridge party instead....

I think it should be something that captures the essence of what makes Harringay so - ahem - special. So, in that spirit, here's a few suggestions.....

'24/7 booze ahoy!'

'We sell tomatoes all night'

'Harringay - where the moustache never died'

'Harringay - please spit on the pavement' (a bit of reverse psychology might work)

'Harringay - start beeping your horns.....now!!'

Or the one that will always speak to me of Green Lanes long after I've left the area.....

'Harringay - waitreses (sic) wanted'.

Harringay Green Lanes bridge - refurbishment

Network Rail were contacted back in the middle of 2011 about possible decoration of the bridge. Their response;

Our structures department have responded that the paint system is not in bad condition, and that the bridge is projected to be refurbished around 2018. This will cost 160k.


John Eccles

Community Relations London & South East

Network Rail

My understanding from the Green Lanes Strategy Group is they have £100,000 to spend on the bridge. Maybe I’ve heard that wrong but if correct can’t see why Network Rail couldn’t stump up the other £60,000 and bring this redecoration fwd.




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