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Between 6am and 7.30am most days (before the traffic drowns the noise), the beautiful drumming of a greater spotted woodpecker can be heard in fairland park. 

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if you call the council’s noise abatement team (020 8489 0000) they should be able to come over and shoot it for you. The 30 minutes between 6am and 6:30 are incredibly helpful for mental health.

Not for me John. Sometimes noises can be positive ;) 

Haha John is just kidding! He knows full well that birds are completely protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 even if the woodpecker was drumming on your bedroom window sill!

Woodpeckers drum to advertise their territory as they can't sing and both males and females drum so it may be that people are seeing and hearing different woodpeckers. Greater Spotted have increased in numbers in recent years and are now often spotted on garden feeders as well as in trees.  I've definitely seen one at Railway Fields and Downhills is also a good place to see and hear them. Their heads are a miracle of nature.

Hi Liz, OK will treat it as a joke :) 

Thanks for the link Liz. A pair started frequenting our gardens since the New Year. Here's a drumming session on an aluminium ladder in a pear tree in a Ravenstone Road garden, 6.22 am on 24th March 2021.

I haven't seen any in Downhills Park this year yet Liz. Hoping they have not been affected by all the tree felling in the park.

Yes I've defintely heard one in Downhills. 

Yes! I've heard/seen him too. In 'the Gardens' while out digging the other day. In the distance at first but then just two gardens down hammering away...Grey, black and white, with flashes of red. Amazing. 

I haven't seen him, but to spot a male means a red spot on the back of the neck (which is lacking for females)

There was a pair of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers in Downhills park last year - often hopping around on the grass.

I also saw one on a fat ball bird feeder in our garden in the Gardens on 23rd December 2020.

There was a pair there yesterday - high in a tree shagging! More woodpeckers on the way.

One in my back garden earlier this week, on my fence and shrieking loudly at either a squirrel or crow.  I’m hoping that means a pair have decided to nest in one of old trees in the adjacent gardens.



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