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Closed to vehicles at all times (save emergency and service vehicles). ANPR-enforced. Open to cyclists. This is the section between Green Lanes and Seven Sisters Rd, a notorious rat-run, and passing Skinners' Academy - it is also now a School Street with further access restrictions during pupils arrival and departure hours. The section south of Seven Sisters Rd is so far unaffected.

More detail here:  https://rebuildingagreenerhackney.commonplace.is/proposals/woodberr...

John McMullan, break open the champagne!

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This results in a 1.4 mile stretch along which northbound motor vehicles are unable to turn right (From Lordship Rd until St Ann's). A quite ludicrous situation. I imagine this is down to TfL's refusal to change the GL/7Sisters junction to include a northbound right turn. 

I wonder if this will have the same sort of effect as the closure of Hermitage did and drive more traffic through Harringay, including the Ladder. 

The removal of significant rat runs through Harringay resulted in an increase of traffic through Harringay? That doesn't sound right.

Nonetheless, that's what happened. The issue was traffic heading north/east. Closing Hermitage shifted it to the Gardens. Closing the Gardens shifted traffic on to the Ladder, as it sought a new route to St Ann's Road, avoiding Green Lanes.

Click on the traffic tag to find out more. It's a well documented set of events.

I take it you're relatively new to the area. 

The real fun on GL/Ladder/Wightman will start once they close the Warehouse cut-through from Seven Sisters to St Ann's, and then when the LTNs are implemented to the north of St Ann's Rd. There will be a huge swathe of Haringey to the east of GL and between Seven Sisters and West Green Rd that will be impermeable to cars, vans, and motorcycles. 

Perhaps you think of Harringay as just being the Ladder roads, but it also includes the Gardens and Hermitage to the east of Green Lanes.

The creation of what we now know as LTNs undoubtedly benefited Harringay as a whole, but in any event these changes happened almost a generation ago and we would much prefer to work together with the other neighbourhoods to influence positive changes in the future rather than dwelling on the past.

People who've been around a while will no doubt be tittering at me being told what comprises Harringay.

PS: Take a look at this to see what I think of as Harringay, or this, most of which I authored (including the linked Google Map which I drew up)

Green Lanes would flow a lot better if cars didn't cross traffic and stop and then pull into spaces outside certain restaurants. Or pull three point turns in the road. And lets not forget that the Arena access is a mess. All of this stops busses running properly. Maybe policing the poor driving and implementing better traffic management would help.

Before anyone says the traders need this and that...etc...the traders have been happy to land grab the pavement for new outside seating. With so many bins and signs the footway is already quite narrow. 

I agree, the main crux of green lanes traffic is primarily caused by allowing parking directly on the road - which causes the issues you mention, and is also extremely dangerous to cyclists and moped drivers when they dart across traffic blindly.

I ride down regularly on my bike, and when the traffic is backed up the cause is usually not "traffic", it's that everyone is stopping every 10 metres for someone pulling out etc. What a mystery that it all evaporates once you are past the parts you can park on both sides!

It's a shame this makes the bus route unbearable on weekends and early evenings. I'd rather just get a taxi that goes down Wightman.

Well indeed, it will add that bit more traffic to Green Lanes northbound. Alert or GPS-enabled drivers could already turn right off Green Lanes onto Brownswood Rd Lordship Park then left onto Lordship Road & Woodberry Grove to reach Seven Sisters Rd, though the route is partly on-the-street residential in rat-run scoring terms. Those who U-turn just north of Manor House to regain access to Seven Sisters Rd eastbound: just, no.

Much more discussion here from 2016 and here (thank you Liz/Hugh)

I'm a bit confused. On the attached link or subsequent pdf there's no mention of changes to the junction of Woodberry Grove and Green Lanes. Nothing to suggest turning into Woodberry Grove will be affected.

It says motor vehicles are banned from passing through the Woodberry Grove/Seven Sisters Rd filter, from 'either direction', but does that mean east/west bound on Seven Sisters Road rather than either direction *through* the filter?

That would effectively make Woodberry Grove one-way west bound, with exception of the two-hours a day when it's closed for the sake of the school. Imagine lots of u-turning vehicles if that's the case.



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