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Anybody know why and for how long?

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No, but I'm curious to know how you heard it was to be closed. I've not seen any communication about it. 

Thames water works. We got a letter through the door. Works until 13.11.19.  " Wightman Rd will be closed at the junction with Effingham Rd. To enable residents access  diversion routes are required. DIVERSION 1. Beresford rd, Green Lanes, and Falkland rd. DIVERSION 2. Fairfax rd, Green Lanes, and Effingham Rd. "

No idea how to put a copy of the letter on here.

Easiest way is just snap it with your phone, then add the image as picture to this post.

There are two temporary illuminated signs about 100 yards ahead of the two diversions. I have just discovered that, in the best tradtions of the service, the signs are inaccurate, the bloody road is already closed!

Here you go

Thanks Jez for the TW letter.  So we shall have this for 23 days!

Collapsing sewers are only to be expected if heavy traffic is permitted to uses streets that were built in the 19th century for horse drawn vehicles and which have not been significantly strengthened since.  A layer of tarmac does very little to prevent the weight of vehicles from distorting the London clay under the carriageway.  First the old iron water mains had to be replaced, then it was the turn of the old iron gas mains.  Those disruptions were bad enough but we began to have sewer collapses in the last few years.  These are much more disruptive to fix because the sewers are much deeper underground and reaching them involves digging and shoring up the sides of very large holes.  It seems that the particular case in point can't be done by closing half the road.  Don't anyone imagine that this will be the last sewer collapse we have on Wightman Road and don't anyone imagine that the ladder rungs will escape this curse.  Their construction is exactly the same.  I seem to remember that there was just such a case on Burgoyne a very few years back.  Probably because so much lorry traffic from Jewson's yard heads down Burgoyne.

I went to have a look today. As of 3 o'clock there was no sense of urgency. Thames clearly have no care that they're causing almighty disruption. One worker was lounging the digger reading a newspaper whilst the only other was hand-digging the hole.

You wonder how quickly these works could be finished if Thames set their mind to it.

This makes me furious.  They should be working 24-7 to sort this out. Fairfax rd gridlocked with idling stationary cars.  Right by a children's playground! Misery. And I am very concerned about the impact on children's health. 

The council knows exactly how much traffic there is already on Wightman and each Ladder rung, so the impact on Fairfax and Beresford is entirely predictable - virtually static queues along each road.

Pretty shocking that the council authorised those roads as official diversions rather than directing traffic to keep to the intended A-roads.

I feel they have done this with no concern at all for the  impact on residents of these two roads.  I walked along the ladder this evening and all roads but Beresford and Fairfax were clear. Beresford and Fairfax meanwhile, were gridlocked.  There is no way residents on the diversion roads should have to put up with this situation. This evening, emergency vehicles were trapped for long periods in the traffic on Fairfax.  So people are literally dying because of the council's poor planning. 

Completely agree, Joe.

The hand digging would be for the other utilities that are closer to the surface, gas, water, electricity and cables. Once they're located and dealt with then the heavy machinery can be brought in. And there has to be a minimum of two on site, a lookout so to speak, for H&S reasons.



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