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Chatting with Wightman Road Grocery store owner Ajit Patel at the weekend, I learned that the Wightman Road story made the front page of Ham & High Broadway last week.

Ajit told me that his business has been affected by the road's closure. "Whereas before people would stop at the shop as they drive to and from work, now we don't get any of that".

Ajit went on to tell me that their plans to sell the shop are being brought forward as a result.

Ajit also passed on some interesting information of which I had been unaware.  Apparently the parking suspension referred to in the article relates to a strip on Wightman opposite Umfreville and at the top of Burgoyne. These spaces have been suspended in response to a request from Jewsons to allow their lories to make the turns at the top of Umfreville and into Burgoyne.

See attachments for full article.

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Hmm, wonder if I can get compensation for the work I had done last year to repair the cracking to the front of my house where the surveyor indentified traffic vibration as a contributing factor? Oh, and for my living room ceiling collapsing?

I think the mental health issues caused by the lorries "bombing" over the speed humps are worse than the cracks in our houses. You have taken some very simple but expensive measures at your own cost to mitigate this. The automotive places are doomed in the long term anyway (IMHO) but we need to keep the local grocery stores open, shop there more?

We need to collate these statistics, have other residents suffered such damage? We've had cracking issues as well. We need lots of examples to counter those seeking to maintain no change and lobbying for wightman and the ladder to bear the brunt of poor traffic planning.
We've had lots of cracking during the water works on Burgoyne in 2013/2014 and also from vibration caused by Jewson and other lorries speeding downhill. Since complaining to Jewson some years ago they have noticeably slowed down when driving down our road. I don't think there's much we can do other than paint over the cracks from time to time.
My post comes over as unsympathetic. I do think that that consideration should be given to how to help these businesses. The garage would have been hit by falling customer numbers whatever the decision was about Wightman Road as it is directly affected by the closure of the bridge. As the works are being carried out on behalf of Network Rail perhaps they need to be the first port of call.
I posted elsewhere about the overestimation by many businesses of how much custom they actual get from car drivers but in the case of the garage this is, our course, huge.

Yeah me too. Right by the road hump- trucks thumping over it causing the whole house to shake. 

Well living as I do on Umfreville Road, all the Jewsons lorries now come up my road and I can honestly say the drivers seem to be behaving very well and take it slowly and carefully. I don't think it's unreasonable to allow the lorries turning space at the top of the road. What else would you have them do? Get stuck and potentially damage parked trying to squeeze past...

If the you in "What else would you have them do?" is me, the answer is nothing. The solution seems eminently sensible. If my comments suggest that I oppose this, please let me know how and I'll amend it.

I didn't mean that to sound accusatory... no I don't think your comments suggest you oppose it...


For clarity's sake, the garage in the paper is the one at the junction with Alroy, not the one opposite Effingham.

So thats ok then, three or four cars have been seen in the garage waiting to be worked on so if I am reading this correctly you are saying that there is no need to read the Ham and High as you know by looking at the garage that the garage is not loosing business. Did you see someone having a cup of coffee in the cafe too and thought "There you are, what are they complaining about?"

What if the garage usually works on twelve or twenty cars during the day, being dropped off and collected around the clock, enough to keep many mechanics busy, however now there are  four cars sitting there all day long with mechanics worrying about their business and their jobs.

Its not just you, I feel there has been a bit of cynicism knocking around the posts about Wightman Road and road closures. I too would like there to be much less trafic and easier cycling and walking in the area but I do think that when people are experiencing difficulties through the road closures, wether its increased trafic, difficulties with access, sharing pathways or loosing business then I think we can listen and be much more understanding.

And for the cynical let me assure you that I have no connection with any garage or cafe but would like there to be a bit more caring and sharing.



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