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Dear all,

This morning we walked along Wightman Road towards the train station and the pollution was unbearable. We noticed cars breaking hard when approaching the narrowing bays (drivers seem genuinely surprised by those bays) and then reaccelerating once they wiggled their way through them. Also we saw drivers not moving past the bay as they seemed concerned about the width and hitting oncoming traffic. This caused further build up of traffic which prevented ppl from moving on the green temporary traffic light.

The changes the council is making seem to cause all sorts of serious problems such as deteriorating road safety, build up of traffic and worsening air pollution. 

What can we do about this? 



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Clearly designed for drainage. 

I think the tree in TTTH's picture is diseased and needs to be removed and replaced with a smaller one nearby, If I'm correctly recalling the detailed plans released during the consultation about this project. But so much else is wrong.

I agree, what a complete nightmare for cyclists! My daughter, a cyclist lives on the road and it’s worrying. Why did’t they make a bike-wide gap in those sticking out bits? As. It is I think cars will hit those bollards.

Having a narrow cycle path running  through the chicanes in line with the kerb either side of them is actually a good idea and would prevent cyclists getting into the paths of cars as they go round them.

But the whole idea of the chicanes are to slow down the traffic and this idea, at least, seems to be succeeding.

So a cyclist goes round the back of a tree only to re-join moving traffic? I’m not sure you’ve thought this through. 

Tree? What tree?  Haven't seen any - are there plans to plant trees in the chicanes? That's plain daft as visibility for all road users is reduced. I'd no idea there was a plan to plant trees in them - what if a pedestrian steps out from behind one when a car is about to pass it?

Have a look at the plans Andy, inform yourself, then re-join the conversation. 

Yes there are trees planned in those tree pits - I would hope a pedestrian would follow the traditional route of crossing the road; look left and right before proceeding. 

It’s the council continuing its miserable management of Wightman Road. Too much traffic? Let’s make it less safe for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. I guess there’s a balance here as everyone is equally unhappy!

Traffic and Right of Way has been a problem for many years

Joys of a ever growing population and the rights for everyone to own and expect to drive there vehicles where they want

I was led to believe many years ago that Haringey tried to make Wightman Road.                                                A bad road for All users. With Speed bumps and raised Kerbs

But as other Roads can not cope users keep using Wightman Road

There is No answer , unless you remove All Users Right to own and use Vehicles

Not as if the Public Transport can cope , Buses or Tubes

Public transport in London is excellent and I know a lot of people in London who no longer have a car - what's the point of having a big metal box parked outside your house with all the attendant recurring expenses (insurance, tax, MOT, parking permit, etc) if you only use it a few times a year?

Completely agree Andy.  I would wager that I can get from one side of London to the other using public transport far faster than anyone can in their car, arrive less stressed and have more money left in my pocket too.

Heard a loud bang last night about 10pm then this morning noticed that it was the first car in the new parking bays which got hit. A build out just before the parking bays could have averted this and highways were told this during the consultation 




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