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Are the works current happening near Jewsons at the moment, the implementation of the results of the traffic study?

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This car is parked outside my house every morning. I do not own a car or am able to drive, so this would not be my car that I SELFISHLY parked on the pavement! Please Hugh and other members think before you pre-judge a situation

I don't think anyone was judging you.  I certainly wasn't. The very fact its parked outside your house and  blocking your entrance only goes to prove how selfish they are. 

I agree with you Ben, I think Hugh could have used different wording. Every morning without fail the car is there parked up on the pavement , The traffic enforcer puts a ticket on everyday but The driver just doesn't seem to care about the penalties.

Hi Pat. Please be assured that I had absolutely no intention of relating any particular car to a particular house. These days it's very rare that we can park directly in front of our house. I used 'outside my house' in a more general sense. I hadn't even considered the interpretation you've made of what I said. However, your having raised it, I can see why you read it the way you did and why you might take offence. So please accept my apologies for any distress you've experienced as a result of this misunderstanding. Would you like me to reword what I wrote to avoid any further misunderstanding?

It seems very odd that the car is being repeatedly ticketed and yet they continue to repeat the offence. How long has this charade been going on?

Hi Hugh, Thanks for your apology and I apologise for my misinterpreted reading of that statement. 

The car has been there for a few weeks and ticketed every day, I don't know how many strikes you get before it is removed. I really don't pay that much attention to the car but this morning I did think that it was extremely close to the gate and the wall. 

If Haringey aren't towing this car there's a serious issue. When I first moved to St Ann's I got confused by the resident/business parking (both have the same permit code) and my motor was towed within the hour.

Where as these guys clearly parked knowing there were double yellows there. The nearest car looks lie it pretty much has its driver side wheels off the road and actually on the curb. By any standard that is pretty impressively cheeky.

The problem with ticketing these cars I think is the gap you see in the lines between the 3rd and 4th vehicle where a car has clearly been parked when lines were being laid down. I believe this would actually make the whole stretch unenforceable.

Just as info - Wightman Road is closed this evening and, consequently, Green Lanes is at a standstill.



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