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At last month's public meeting about the forthcoming closure of Wightman Road Bridge, we were promised copies of the slides used and answers to the questions raised.

I am now able to provide these as attachments.

The date for next meeting has also been fixed:

Dear Stakeholder, 

Thank you to those who attended the presentations of the forthcoming bridge works last December. Please as agreed, find enclosed herewith some questions and comments that were raised at the meeting. We have tried to answer all of them.

Unfortunately we have received limited feedback on traffic management options, however it does appear that a variant of option three presented at the public meeting on 16 December will be the preferred arrangement. We are currently arranging engagement with local business to determine any requirements they might have. Once we have received and considered these we will develop a more comprehensive traffic management proposal and share this with all concerned. 

Network Rail have confirmed that they have a provisional booking with St Paul’s church for Wednesday the 17th of February between 6:15pm – 9:00pm for the first project drop-in session.

We look forward to seeing you at the public meeting on the 17th February 2016.

Kind regards,

Mahmood Ramjan

Highways Manager 

Haringey Council

Alexandra House,

Level 5

10 Station Road,

London N22 7TR

T. 020 8489 3919



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Many thanks for posting the info Hugh
Short of begging them to just not do it, I'm not sure what feedback I feel able to give!

I dont understand why Option 3 is the most likely arrgangement as it causes huge disruption to virtually all streets on the ladder and will make Green Lanes a total nightmare as we will have cars exiting and entering Green Lanes at virtually all points. Green Lanes is a nightmare as it is. Why can't they simply divert the traffic as shown on slide 3 of the Combined Presentation? This would keep the pressure off Green Lanes and the Ladder Roads.

Er, slide 3 shows the Wightman Road diversion routes as through Crouch End to the west and along Green Lanes to the east. 

The option 3 map isn't that easy to read but the way I'm interpreting it is that Wightman Road is divided into self contained sections, so that it's not possible to drive the entire length of it. Each section has two or more "up" and "down" roads. So someone could come up Warham Road but get no further along Wightman than to the next down road. That way people can get to their homes and out again, as can deliveries, but traffic that wants to avoid Green Lanes will have no luck as all they wil be able to do is travel along a short length of Wightman before having to go back down to Green Lanes again.
In the early days it will be chaotic, especially with regular drivers, who just shoot across Green Lanes from Salisbury Road and up Warham, as they will find that the route they tend to use automatically to get to Endymion Road no longer works and have to put up with staying on Green Lanes.

I think it will work but it's going to depend on really good signage and, especially in the first few weeks, marshals sorting out people who just don't read signs.

In addition to what Gordon says about why it will take six months to demolish and reinstate the bridge, it also runs adjacent to the mainline to the north of England and to Scotland which will needs to keep running right through the works. It's going to be a it more subtle than swinging a wrecking ball!

I actually agree....despite the fact that I live in the first rung of the ladder and would be badly affected by lots of traffic nipping up our road to rejoin Wightman Road if they didn't go for Option 3. I'm assuming that this forum counts as feedback as you'd think the Council would read these threads. Or should I be emailing the very appropriately named Mr Ramjam
Definately an email to Mr R. Belt and braces!

You can't expect Council employees to plough through hundreds of posts on HOL on the off-chance that there might be something relevant to their job.

In addition, I'm not sure if it is still in place, but I think at one time there was a ban on the Council accessing social media.

Contributing to social media perhaps - there was an HoL member (with expertise in transport) who had to choose between posting on HoL and his council job. 

Take your point John. Antoinette - if you do write to Mr R perhaps you could send him a link to this thread?
Will do...
Email sent with link to this thread. Will keep you posted though my email was written in such a way that it didn't really require a response....



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