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So . . . 3 week closure of Alroy Road from  Monday 5th May . . . Perhaps finally there is some recognition of how much of a problem Wightman Road is.

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Sadly, I don't think it's anything to do with recognition of any issue. The notice in yoru picture gives Gas Works as the reason for closure.

Ah - yes . . . 

I was watching today as cars going in both directions sailed past the "Road closed" signs, only to have to turn around  and go back the way they'd come.

Yes it’s my daily run route and I chuckle every time. Today some genius had even gone out of his car presumably figuring out any possible way to negotiate the closed segment.

I think it is to do with a gas leak, not about improving the road, though as I cyclist, it has been a welcome closure, as I can cycle along Wightman Road without fearing for my life! 

It is gas repairs - they have some very deep holes at the junction between Alroy & Endymion.

Cars were still passing the 'road closed' signs and then having to u-turn yesterday.

That’s so arrogant. If it was the only route to their destination that avoided a long detour, I could begin to understand. But there are so many nearby alternatives. Is there no adequate signage warning of the closure?

There's just one sign on each side saying 'Road Closed Ahead' though leaving one lane open for access.

But I'm still amazed at the sheer number of people testing this!

Ditto to what McFiji said though! Firstly it's been quite a novel experience to have started cycling with my little one in the bike seat and find that suddenly very few people are actively trying to kill me. Plus now with the road closure it feels way safer.

It's Disraeli's fault.

If he hadn't written all those novels with one-word titles - Endymion, Alroy and several others - the developer of the southern slice of the Ladder beyond the railway wouldn't have named the roads after them.

As it is, most people think they're driving along Wightman Road all the way from Turnpike Lane to Endymion Road. We locals know different. So when I see a sign saying "Alroy Road closed" I know where that is and what the consequence is if I ignore it. Many people don't, so a few disregard it and press on past the 'Road closed ahead' signs because they don't know where 'Ahead' begins.

It would have been far more informative to make it the (also true) message "Endymion Road closed" - most people, local or not, know where it is and the consequence of closing it.

That’s a very good point, Gordon. Probably even better if the signS on Wightman were just to say Wightman Road Closed. No Access to Finsbury Park. 

But is Endymion Rd closed ? I thought it was Alroy. 

The whole junction of Endymion and Alroy is closed for most May for gas works. So yes, Endymion is closed.  



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