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Haringey Council weekly briefing attached.

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Hmmmm....well - I've still not had any information from the Council through my door....

I don't think traffic signal timings at Wightman/Turnpike Lane have been adjusted yet though?

No and I really wonder what the holdup is. Sadly there is an urban myth in Computer Science that because the first project people do is modelling a single set of traffic lights, the worst programmers never get off of that. In fact 20 odd years ago I was demonstrated some traffic lights running in a browser (Mosaica) using a thing called Java by a Sun Microsystems guy called Eric Schmidt.

That explains the sign at the Hornsey Park Road/Turnpike Lane junction today then:

are they also monitoring the progress at the bridge? i did not see a single worker on site on Friday and Saturday afternoon

Why don't you go down there and demand they work a bit faster eh? As has already been said, most of the work is being done under the bridge and out of our sight.

There probably is not a lot that can be done while trains are running

So why do you have to close it then if it's underneath

Have you not seen that they are also cutting the current bridge out? I think they just have to be careful. Believe me that there will be people paid and trained to supervise something like this. You should look into getting work as a project manager, it's good money and you seem to have the main qualification.

First they have to construct a temporary bridge to carry the diverted cables, gas/water pipes that are buried under the road surface. Then they can start work on breaking up the road surface, but they cannot do anything that might result in something falling on the track until the trains stop running. They won't be running at weekends now, but they don't stop completely until 24 September.

What is the main qualification?

i know a lot of people on this forum want it perma-closed, but surely you've seen the devastation to the area. so,has anyone floated the idea of developing the canal that runs through the ladder for all you cyclists and pedestrians? i think it's a shame it's closed off. Thoughts?



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