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On the day that Spurs opens its new stadium, it seems appropriate to report the following.

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that White Hart Lane Station is in line to be renamed. This follows discussions between members of the London Assembly budget monitoring sub-committee and TfL bosses.

A set of “emergency” questions were scheduled during the meeting, after The Guardian reported that White Hart Lane railway station could be renamed Tottenham Hotspur, and that a deal was close to being agreed.

The station is part of the London Overground network and is the nearest to Tottenham’s new stadium.

Patrick Doig, the divisional finance director at TfL said: “We are pursuing a long-term brand partnership with Tottenham which would include the renaming of the station.

“Those discussions are ongoing and have not concluded but that is something we’re seeking to work with and will be able to announce more details shortly.”

It is estimated the renaming of the station could cost the club £14.7 million, although Doig said this was not confirmed.

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How much! And they won't put a penny towards the street cleaning? 

Per the Guardian article they weren't keen on paying anything to TFL for this either.

They wanted TFL to treat it as a non-commercial deal even though Spurs said it was critical in their commercial strategy.

That's what I was expecting to read here, thanks for mentioning it. Really not ok if it's a freebie. Questionable even if paid for.

Not yet decided.  Resistance is happening.

JoanneMcCartney took our displeasure back to the mayor when she was here last week.

Forgive my ignorance, but what is the issue with this?

Other than association with the football club, is there any other significance to the current name of the station? I'm not aware of any cultural or historical reasons to retain the name so if Spurs are silly enough to pay TFL nearly 15m for rebranding it then good luck to them. Presumably the cost to TFL of rebranding their maps and websites is less than 15m so the extra money would go to sevice improvements.

It would be a different story if a company wanted to rebrand a  iconic station like Piccadilly Circus or Liverpool St Station.

Agreed. Feels a bit like its resistance for resistance sake...something that doesn't seem unusual in the borough...

Are they actually going to pay it though?

> "It is estimated the renaming of the station could cost the club £14.7 million, although Doig said this was not confirmed."

I'd like to know the exact terms of the deal before supporting it. There's been lots of very suspicious arrangements between councils / publicly funded organisations and football clubs over the years. This definitely needs clear communication about what the club is paying for, where that money will go & what is being given in return.

Well if they're not going to pay for the rebranding it's a different story.

I wonder if Arsenal would pay slightly more to rebrand the station as 'Wrong end of Seven Sisters Road'. 

Indeed - that was my point. I don't see any firm confirmation of what they are paying and what they are getting in return.

Spurs aren't silly enough to do that though. From the Guardian article:

"A memo of understanding between the club and TfL, controlled by Khan, is now being drafted but Spurs won’t have to meet the multimillion pound asking price which it has vigorously contested.


A third party valuation of what it would be worth if the station was renamed for a 10-year period was put at £11.7m, in addition to implementation costs of £3m. Tottenham challenged this valuation and said it did not want to pay."

Give us back Gillespie Road !!!



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