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I wonder what people would think if the council experimented with completely banning overtaking on Wightman Rd as a step towards giving us a more liveable urban environment without offending the motorists of Crouch End and Enfield too much? The 20mph limit is set by the council and this ban would also be in their remit. Although speed limit is mostly enforced using road humps I challenge you go and visit another English town without 20mph limits in areas like Harringay, it's frightening.

The idea would be that in rush hour, maximum speeds would be enforced by cyclists and that cycling down there would be a much nicer experience. There is already precious little room or incentive (I'll get to that) for vehicles to overtake anyway.

At rush hour there are queues at either end of Wightman Rd, quite big queues, that make it nonsensical to over take anyway. We have seen video footage on here of dangerous overtaking on Wightman Rd and it has to be done at much more than the 20mph limit because of oncoming traffic and the pedestrian islands.


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Excellent, there are a few of us Harringayites on this junction then. We can have a sneaky pint before going home!

I agree with you about the evening point (see earlier posts in this thread) but I don't think this will be a bother as there are very few cyclists at this time and the ones I have noticed (anecdote!) late at night seem to be doing a lot more than 20mph.

Also, number plates are only any good for ANPR, that's why so many motorists leave the scene of an accident that they have caused.

Your "sympathy" for the cyclist you knocked off of their bicycle this morning is noted. Did you stop at the scene as you should have? One for the police, no?

I didn't knock him off - he went for a risky move and the lights changed he threw himself to the ground - no contact - nothing to do with me - but I'm glad he did I'm sick of picking pedestrians and cyclist up off the road in bits because they are not as skilled at managing their personal space in the wider space known as the road.

Throwing yourself to the ground really hurts. You mentioned your throttle. Respect for other road users? Anyway, I took a screen shot and sent it to the @MetCycleCops twitter account. They're very friendly.

This made me laugh - A cyclist tries a risky manoeuvre and decides a stunt man roll is better than being mangled and maimed that's all it was. As I pulled away from the traffic lights minding my own business I noticed the aftermath of his manoeuvre. I'm glad your passive aggressiveness spurned you to report this reckless cyclist to the Met Cycle Cops, hopefully they can catch the perpetrator and have him charged for dangerous riding, or something  that fits the recklessness of what he tried to do. Good man.

Keep talking.

By the way, you're just some person who joined up to post about the Green Lanes traffic protest, you're not even from around here. All your posts are the same hateful anti-cyclist crap with no evidence to back yourself up and just your own silly straw-polls.

I find car drivers' antipathy towards cyclists quite fascinating - apparently it has deep evolutionary roots - fittingly known as the "free-rider problem":

"Driving is a very moral activity – there are rules of the road, both legal and informal, and there are good and bad drivers. The whole intricate dance of the rush-hour junction only works because people know the rules and by-and-large follow them: keeping in lane; indicating properly; first her turn, now mine, now yours. Then along come cyclists, innocently following what they see are the rules of the road, but doing things that drivers aren't allowed to: overtaking queues of cars, moving at well below the speed limit or undertaking on the inside"


as somone who owns neither a car or bike and who crosses roads on a daily basis I find both cyclist's and drivers equally irresponsible and selfish. take for example the alroy and Endymion Rd crossing, both drivers and cyclists refuse to stop meaning my son and I have to walk out into the road and hope they stop. I have noticed over the years that it has gotten worse. drivers and cyclists are becoming increasingly brash and aggressive. I would like to know what difference it makes to your lives  if you just  stopped and allowed pedestrians to cross the road safely? 

" the alroy and Endymion Rd crossing, both drivers and cyclists refuse to stop  "

Very regrettably, in the recent reworking by the council of the Endymion Rd roundabout the opportunity to put in marked pedestrian crossings, rather than the ambiguous and effectively useless red strips across the road, was declined by the council. There was correspondence on HoL about it at the time with one of the ward councillors (who to be fair wasn't the prime mover of the scheme) but who has now moved on.

yup, I  know. it looks like they might change that junction and the Endymion Rd zebra crossing  thanks to the hard work of a local resident. 

although still no marked pedestrian crossing. 


I found a cheap simple way to improve my feeling of safety when cycling on Whiteman Road.

I continued cycling throughout my pregnancy and decided to order a custom made hi vis vest with "BABY ON BOARD" emblazoned on the back. Cost under a fiver from that well known auction website.

The effects were immediate, many cars seemed notably more cautious when driving behind me and passing!

I'll continue to wear the vest once I get back on my bike!



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