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What do you think of the Proposal to Make Rail services through Harringay part of the Overground?

As you've no doubt heard plans were recently announced to bring all London suburban rail services into the remit of London Overground.

Whilst this move won't entail the public ownership that 52% of the public apparently want, it should mean a more unified and somewhat improved service.

Whilst, if adopted, the proposals would see some services 'going orange' from as soon as this year, the Great Northern Service through Harringay won't be impacted until 2021.

You can read more about the proposals the Mayor's prospectus and can have your say in an open consultation until 18th March.

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An excellent perspective on the large gap between this consultation and any subsequent plan is on the London Reconnections site - see 


As for the local services at Harringay/Hornsey, the new rolling stock and more frequent services from 2018 are already announced and I'd be surprised if a transfer to London Overground would result in further step-change upgrading like the Harringay Green Lanes line will get. But if it results in a makeover for the dingy holes that are Old Street, Essex Road and Highbury & Islington stations bring it on.

There might be some effect on the choice between the two Crossrail 2 routes through Haringey, if TfL would want to integrate Overground and Crossrail operations at Alexandra Palace.

Apparently it will mean Sunday services into Moorgate and a higher frequency at non-peak times. Were those changes already on the cards?

Yup. Already happened, to Moorgate. Bless politicians double-counting.


Not that there's a Mayoral election campaign....

But the main benefit to politicians of all parties is in south-east London - extreme social media disgruntlement with SouthEast Trains in particular, out of Charing Cross/Blackfriars/Victoria.

Crossrail 2 is still pie in the sky..

Since the 1930s, there's never been a railway built, that actually followed the first plans.  Take a look at the 1940s 'route C' plans and how the Victoria Line eventually was built. The Ally Pally branch is just a sop for Haringey/Tottenham as a result of the riot. Let's pretend we're actually investing in the area. In fact, this railway will do nothing for Haringey/Harringay/Tottenham.

The Lea Valley Line will come, but I still really hope that those in power will see sense as regards a branch to New Southgate.

No, nor do I. I am still hoping that this 'developer's charter with added railway' will loose the planned New Southgate branch.

Take a look at the planning history of Crossrail 1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossrail#History and you'll see that many areas thought they'd be 'blessed' with a Crossrail station, but got nothing in the end.  The Chiltern route out of Marylebone, for instance.

So I won't be holding my breath and will wait until the whole thing has been signed, sealed and then delivered (fifteen years later).

I had a quick look at Google maps for the area around and about and there are two obvious "holes" where there is no rail transport. The first is the area centred on Clissold Park, but this is probably already fairly well served by bus routes. The second is from Lordship rec going north up the A10/Great Cambridge Road. As well as being a bit of a desert as far as public transport goes, ithe area around the north circular junction has huge potential for developing new homes.

Aha, now a tramway from Enfield & Perhaps Waltham Cross along the middle of the Great Cambridge Rd connecting down to Turnpike Lane & perhaps even as far as Finsbury Park, would work wonders and probably cost about the same as the CR2 Branch to New Southgate to build.

Something like that is quite normal in other European countries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny290pZVSwE&spfreload=10

What an utterly wonderful idea. The road is certainly broad enough to take a tram line down the middle. If they can do it on the narrow streets of Amsterdam they can do here

Go for it!

The reality for most I am sure is they assumed that it was already part of London's overground service...

Most will no doubt also not know what the implications of 'going orange' are....

Which are?

I cannot seem to respond to Gordon's question about knowing the implications of going orange. The point is Gordon I do not actually know....



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