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On our way back from the pastures of Edmonton Green Tonight, on a whim we turned into St Ann's Hospital. Once right at the back of the hospital along the railway line, I was struck by how loud the birdsong was (Click the orange arrow to play). 


do hope the area of woodland along the railway doesn't get cleared. I remember reading somewhere that's it's something a nature reserve. 

I then noticed that some work has been going on along the boundary between the railway and the hospital. Is this coincidence, or is this in preparation for the development to come, I wonder.

Then I started looking around and thought how sad to be losing all these old buildings and open ground, Ah well, no stopping progress, I guess.

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I was there driving past at that exact spot today thinking the same thing  - We must have passed each other Hugh

There's a change.org petition here, targeted at the Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group - they only need 10 more signatures to get to their 200 target


Progress in name only.  Such small patches of nature should be treasured and left intact.


lets hope they dont get rid of the few excellent services that still run there, which the council hasnt yet closed down

Wow! I didn't even realise you could drive into the grounds.

The first bird (the gently cooing one) is a Woodpigeon. The loud one, doing all the showing off, is a Song Thrush - once common, but now sadly threatened.

If only the Song Thrush had been included in Schedule 1 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act the development might have taken a different turn. As it is I fear this lovely bird is about to become even rarer.

Does anyone know if local wildlife has to be considered by the council and / or developers? Or if this small stretch of woodland is to be preserved?

I work there and am always amazed by the number  of birds I see flying around and enjoying the trees. Saw a woodpecker the other day. The grounds are lovely too. So many nice trees and roses  in particular. What a loss for the NHS and the community.

Via your blog, to Liz's that you reference, Maggie, I read the following:

There is a large patch of protected woodland at the back of the hospital backing onto the railway line, home to much local wildlife and native trees. David, in his time working at Haringey Council was responsible for getting the protection for this land as well as developing Railway Fields, so David has a special place in Harringay natural history.

That sound. like good news. Now all we have to make sure of is that the developers are aware of its status.

Well spotted. Thanks.

Copy attached.

Well done David Bevan!




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