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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

We're pondering a move into this area, probably Langham/Carlingford(more towards the tube end than the other end)/Waldeck, etc

Is there anyone who lives round there and has any pluses/minuses? I know the area fairly well through passing through it but obviously that's different to living there.


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Turnpike Lane end not nice

I live on Stanmore Road and really enjoy living there. West Green Road isn't great but there's a lot starting to happen around there. A great Italian (Passione e Tradizione), a beer tap room going to open just near Downhills Park, new cafes and pubs on Philip Lane (all a short walk). 

Carlingford and Langham are decent roads (particularly the central parts - so maybe a 5 mins walk from the tube).

Turnpike Lane can be a bit dicey, but personally I've never felt threatened there. I'd say the same can be said about Brixton Tube, Peckham stations, Hackney Central, Dalston Junction etc and its rare you hear people warning you off moving to those areas because of the tubes...

Joe - what beer/ tap room?

Yes, tell us!!!


it’s on west green road. On the right hand side as you walk towards Banc (from Turnpike Lane side)

It’s definitely starting to happen this side of Haringey...at last!!! 

You’ve made my day!!!

Wow, great news, I've been going to The Palm and True Craft but this is on my doorstep, amazing.  By the way, we've received a letter from planning about a 5 storey block of flats across the road on the site of Houghton motors.  Still at the consent stage, and hopefully it will look better than the other 2 next to the black Boy Pub. There's a thread about the site which is an old Victorian House, which was being haunted by a headless ghost, so where else in the forum. I also heard that planning approval has been granted to build on the site  of the old peoples home/ Golden Sands restaurant (pka The Duke), further up West Green Road at the junction with Stanley rd.   6 storey block of flats, if it goes through, all change around here.  

Re the new flats by the former Black Boy pub - it’d be good to see something useful in the commercial space underneath the new one that’s nearing completion. Or indeed for the pub to come back to life

Agreed the old Black Boy pub was nice inside, but I recall they stripped out a lot of the old fixtures and fittings when it was a short lived jazz Pub, not sure how much Jazz actually got played there.  That was around 2008. Seems to have been shut since 2010, with the basement of the hotel next door having a few late night soul raves in the summer, on and off till about 6 years ago.  

I don't think the area is particularly dangerous. People hear about issues in their own local area but they happen all over London.

As far as West Green Road goes, I don't really like it as the shops are a bit shabby and don't offer much. Like Joe said there's a couple of good places starting up (over the course of many years), but I'll usually go to Wood Green or Green Lanes where there's often new things plus all your standards.

Yes, the mid-section is probably what we're looking at.

I already live on the Ladder so get the tube to/from Turnpike Lane each day but obviously I then head off in the other direction.

Is it reasonably quiet round there in terms of night time? How about traffic?



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