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Last year I put a post up a little too late and thought I would get ahead of Christmas this year.

Years ago I collected used postage stamps for charity. They  sell overseas and raise money for various causes, RNIB was the one I sent them to originally. If anyone would be happy to save their stamps and periodically drop them at mine as they may be passing (or I can come pick them up) then please let me know and I can let you have my address if you do not already have it.


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hi Justin, I'll be popping some more round to you after Xmas. I imagine a lot will be winging their way to you then given the Xmas cards etc.! 

Thanks Ruth, that's great.

I've got a small box of them that I've been saving without really knowing why, would be happy to pass them on if you can let me know where.

Just messaged my details, thanks



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