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Christmas is coming up and I am again collecting stamps for charity.

I have sent three huge bags to Guide Dogs For The Blind this year.

Please get in touch and we can organised a drop off or a pick up, as suits, in the New Year.


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I save foreign or attractive stamps for charity, but they are still stuck on the envelope paper.

Can you use them like that?

I would be interested to know what Guide Dogs does with them. Who buys them?

Yes,  I would like to know both of the things Valerie asked too. I always save my stamps for collectors and can give a few.

Valarie, Glenys. Hi, thanks, I will message you separately to get your details and work out how we arrange a pick up or drop off.

To answer your questions. 

- It's fine that they are connected to envelope paper. Preference would be for you to tear the stamp and backing paper off the envelope with a 1cm border. The Charity will take the stamps off

- Funny you ask how they get value from them, a friend also asked me this the other day. First, if there are valuable stamps (unlikely) they are separated and sold separately. Most are normal, but hopefully interesting, stamps. These are sold in foreign countries where stamp collectors may buy them- either as sets (if there are enough stamps to make a set up) or as what is called kilo-ware, where a bag of stamps are sold 



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