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I have just been on the  Haringey Council Visitors parking passes to find that all passes are now virtual and the paper ones are being phased out.  From now on you will have to register online and then when you have a visitor or a trades person coming you have to go online and log the start and finish time of their visit !  How can this possibly work?  Some people wont have easy  access to internet. Also  if you have an unexpected visitor you then have to go in and log the time and end time and them if they overstay log in again. The same with any  trades people. Its so inconvenient.  I phone and spoke with someone in the parking section and asked if they have had many complaints and she said they have.  I was told to go to their website and fill in a complaints form if I was unhappy with the new system. 

Does anyone else feel that this is an unworkable and inconvenient system ?

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I have not been able to figure out how to get started with this but I am 78 (though I use my pc all the time for most things)

It's bloody awful.

We have a loft conversion going in atm. Builders come and go. Sometimes they don't turn up at all. Unless I'm there to log on and sort it they get ticketed. If there's any delay AT ALL in me logging on they get ticketed as the warden is up our road at 8a.m like a rat up a drainpipe. 

With the paper system we could give them a wodge of permits and they could use them completely independently of myself which was fine until they ran out..... 

I think as many people as possible should go onto the website and fill in a complaint form even though I don't trust them to take any notice.

I've used it a few times and it's been surprisingly easy.

However, that's been when I've been home and been around to ask for a numberplate or it's the same vehicle a few times.

I had a loft done not so long ago and just handed over a wodge of permits as, as J says, there are a whole variety of different people turning up. Some in the same vehicle, some one-offs, some coming by whilst you're not home, etc. 

There definitely needs to be an option with some flexibility but I'm not sure what that is. Plenty of other boroughs use virtual permits, I wonder if they do anything different.

Not everyone has a computer, not everyone has a smart phone, I wonder what they are supposed to do?

I said that to the person on the phone and she said that you can ask for a form to be sent to say you can't access Internet and you can then apply for paper tickets which is what I'm going to do.

I have a car park permit for own car. I was emailed with details of changes and cut off date. Did others not receive this? I bought a bunch of visitor permits before the date! 

Hackney are introducing this system but seem to have a more realistic approach - phasing it in and allow easy access to paper permits for those who can't cope with digital.

Builders are supposed to apply for their own business ' 'visitor' permits. There is an argument that should be the default

I'm afraid this is the way forward in many aspects of daily life. I don't like it either

Out of interest, do your paper vouchers have a scratch box for the year '2021'?

Re paper visitor permits. Yes, they have scratch box for 2021, 2022 and 2023. If I got a ticket, I'd win on appeal! 

yes I'm sure you would. :)

My friend who is a parking warden in Wood Green said I can't use my vouchers because the last scratch-box year is 2020. I have a small stack of these still unused, so i've written '2021' onto the voucher and taking the risk of a receiving a fine. 

Using/exchanging 'expired' visitors permits is something I've been dealing with for the past few years. I got the council to the stage where they were willing to issue a policy statement that they would exchange them. But then, this became time limited and from 1st July they neither allowed the used of 'expired' vouchers nor their exchange. So, my guess is that the chances of your getting a ticket are pretty high.



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