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After a few years away I’m moving back to Harringay soon - looking forward to it. I’ve noted that parking permits have now all moved online which looks straightforward enough, and good to see that residents can start parking as soon as their application is sent rather than having to wait two weeks for the permit to arrive which used to be the case!

However, I need to buy visitors permits to use straight away for our removal company and a handyman who is coming to do some work on the house before we unpack. It looks like I won’t be able to apply for these until my residents permit goes through - but I can’t apply for that until moving day! Any ideas as to how I can get around this? In previous years I would have asked to buy paper visitor permits from anyone with spares but that no longer works either…!

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Lots of people still have paper ones so your best bet is probably to find someone in your parking zone with some and ask to buy some.

God help you if you have to navigate the Haringey website. Took me two afternoons, one phone call and two and half weeks later and I still have none.

Some tips to get to the point I did (of obtaining none) …

1) Doesn't work on some browsers 2) Is hit and miss on others 3) Can't sell you a combination or hourly of daily on some browsers (maybe all) 4) Can't sell you more than 9 vouchers in total on any browser 5) When you finally buy something it logs you off and it all seems a fail but if you wait it takes you back into the purchase page eventually 6) if you try anything it doesn't like and refuses it won't say why, it will just give an error code.

This was confirmed on the Haringey council customer services phone line (that isn't advertised on the google Haringey page).

PS You won't be able to buy parking vouchers in the parking permit section of the website. It's a little separate button at the top.

You can get support in the Wood Green library.

Good luck.


I advise you never have visitors and watch ‘American sunset’ with your time instead. 

Have you managed to get this sorted? The website is a bit hit and miss but you could ask someone to buy  daily visitor vouchers - I would be happy to help. You would need to give me the registration numbers in advance as I am working during the day, 

Yea all sorted - I discovered I’m allowed to purchase permits as soon as I’d applied for the resident permit. Phew!



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