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Haringey has stopped issuing paper permits.  To buy 'virtual' ones there is an elaborate process of registration, explained in a long and tedious video; but nothing on how you use them once you've managed to convince the council you're entitled to.  Any ideas? Anyone tried it yet?

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Yes. You just go into your account, click on "Buy/Use Vouchers" (in the middle at the top - the same button as to buy them in the first place), then where it says "Vouchers available to use" you should see the ones you've bought listed. Click "Activate" next to them and you'll get a pop-up that asks you to put in the vehicle registration number for the vehicle using the permit and the date (and presumably time, if it's an hourly permit, but I've not tried those yet) that you want to use it for. Then click OK (can't remember if it's OK or Submit or Continue or similar, but whatever the "get on with it" button is in the bottom right) and you'll see the permit move from "Vouchers available..." into a "Vouchers in use". It only takes a minute - definitely less time than scratching a paper one and walking to the car, and definitely warmer/drier...!

Yes it does work though I agree it's crazy complex to get set up. 

Once you have a parking permit account - which is different to any other accounts you may have with them, it does work BUT having had builders turn up at fairly random intervals for weeks it's a massive pain as I have to be able to spontaneously log in and activate at any point, rather than just handing them a wodge of permits. If I was working outside the home it would be impossible. 

... but not quicker if like me you first have to find your glasses, then have to try to engage brain, then have to find where you last left the mobile phone, then find the phone has not been charged, then find a code to get onto the site, then repeat the code because you have got it wrong, then go out with the phone in the rain to type in the registration number because short term memory is not so good, then pause for a cup of tea because its so stress-full...Honestly I don't think I will bother having visitors the thought of having to sort it out digitally puts me right off. I am not anti tech at all but some things are so much easier to do manually than digitally.

This scenario sounds  VERY familiar! 

I was really hoping that there would be an option of doing this via an app. Trying to log into you account on a tiny phone screen  is proving a real pain so I end up having to fire up a PC to issue a voucher.

How is this managed by a 90 year old without phone, PC or any knowledge of what the internet is please?

It is a pain but once you’re set up it’s not too bad. You can even programme permits in advance. I know that my parents come every Thursday so I can set all the dates up at once and delete them any time before the day starts. Of course if they didn’t come and I forgot to cancel i’d have to pay. Also if you want to put in a few one hour permits in a row it doesn’t remember the information so you have to keep putting in the registration number which is a bit frustrating.

I understand the drawbacks but do like the fact that I never run out of permits because I can buy them instantly online. 

It would be good to have both options available.

I can understand the logic of doing this for residents car parking but I have no idea how to get visitors parking permits.  For example I do not know a tradesman registration and they dont often turn up when they are scheduled to.  I cant understand the video which is for residents parking.   Has anyone got virtual visitors permits?

I've got them. I've only had to use them so far when I've been home so I can just ask the person for the reg and it's easy to enter that online. Otherwise I imagine it being more of a hassle of having to text you the reg or something.

your trades people sound more reliable than mine

You buy the visitor permits but you don't have to enter in when you want to use them until you activate them.

You can do it in advance but you can also just do it when they turn up.

thanks but couldnt even get that far, couldnt see how to order visitors permits only residents permits



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