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I try to avoid sounding like 'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells', but many will have experienced little or no broadband in recent weeks and wondered why.

This lovely picture is the cabinet at the end of the Gardens that houses our street's state of the art mega fast broadband. As you can see, I tried to gaffer tape it shut as it has been open for years despite being reported many times and mentioned to every technician who comes out. But someone continually opens it, perhaps to fiddle with cables, who knows? It actually doesn't close because of the way the cables stick out further than the cabinet dimensions. Dogs pee in it. Every time it rains our internet goes down.

Like many others I work from home most of the time. Ironically when the broadband is down, I tether to my phone which is ...also Virgin. So the increased data charges benefit them when their state of the art broadband is down. I think Scientologists would take less of my income.

This Kafkaesque circle of appropriation costs me nearly £80 with TV. I'd welcome any recommendations for carrier pigeon suppliers who can offer a better service. Please fax your response to my toaster.


Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.

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As it happens I have the email address of a lady who I believe is responsible for Virgin's cabinets across the UK. I will message you as I am not sure it is fair I put it on an open forum.

I have been in contact with her in the past about the one at the bottom of Pemby that is constantly open, and at one time stuffed with someone's jeans. Not sue what actually happened but it still remains open. Maybe it was closed or a bit and then it opened again- it does not have any jeans in there though.

Thanks, I'll try that.

I should add, I had someone at the door the other day telling me BT will be doing full fiber to the house in 3-4 months. Bring it on.

Does anyone know a way to report a broken BT cabinet effectively? Similar problem over in the Gardens, I've reported it to the council any number of times but no action has been taken

Although I'm in a different area, I've had BT full fibre for several years, and it's been faultless.

Although we are outside of the Harringay area we also have a Virgin Media broadband, TV and phone subscription.

The "mega fast" broadband is nothing short of useless. We pay a small fortune for this broadband system that will only work if each and every device is hard wired. Yes, cables running all around the house to our TV's, computers etc!

According to Virgin Media the reason for our bad internal signal strength is because our home is built out of the wrong materials? But I thought most homes built in the 1980's like ours were also built of bricks, mortar with a timber structured roof covered in roof tiles?

Not quite sure where Virgin Media are coming from with this so if you are a VM subscriber and your home is constructed from bricks & mortar then this is the reason for the bad broad band signal!!

Of course it cannot possible be down to their so called ground breaking broadband service so I am looking for a builder who can knock-down my home and rebuild it from materials approved by Virgin Media specification to enhance their expensive first rate broad band! 

A hard-wired system is the way to go if it's possible. Alternatively a relay (booster) hub in a strategic place might help. I doubt if it's Virgin's fault - just the laws of physics.



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