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Update on Harringay Traffic Study and Wightman Bridge Closure

At a meeting in the Library this Monday residents were updated on progress with and plans for the two major traffic projects in Harringay this summer.

The consultants running the Harringay Traffic Study were also introduced.

So far so good. To date the Council have been good to their word and the consultants passed muster for me. Not only did they seem to know their beans, they seemed rather, well, consultative (not something to be expected from many consultants!).

Following the meeting, the Council sent out notes and presentations to all who attended. I am attaching these here for those who are interesed.

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Look at the map here. It's the bridge over the Barking to Gospel Oak Line on Wightman near to Finsbury Park.


So why do they need to shut the roads right at the other end near Turnpike Lane ?I think this is going to cause chaos and the council are going to have to rethink it. Seems my only option is to turn left on Lausanne go the next left, back onto willobury, then turn left into Turnpike Lane along with every other car from the ladder!


Just a note- if you want to get to Bounds Green and are thinking of going up Hornsey park road- my tip is after you get on to Turnpike lane travelling towards Crouch End- turn left on to the closed bit of wightman at the top and do a u turn so you can effectively turn right and go north up Hornsey park road towards the back of the mall/bounds green. Be warned though- there's some sort of trafffic chaos up there too as today again it was bumper to bumper queuing in a different direction so allow plenty of time as they say... 

How about the Moorgate to Letchworth train from Harringay or Hornsey to Crouch Hill and walk. I'm doing that tomorrow!

Hmm… Not sure that quite works; Crouch Hill is on the Gospel Oak/Barking Line, not the Moorgate line, so you'd need Harringay Green Lanes, which is a bit of a schlep from Lausanne and possibly in Green Lanes gridlock. Oh, and it's about to close for 5 months as well, for electrification! Our cup runneth over….

It closes only after the bridge is replaced.. 

moorgate line train from Hornsey down to Harringay and then a 10 min walk down the hill to Sainsburys works well. On the way back going to crouch end she could get the bus from Sainsburys or walk back up to the Harringay station and catch it on the other side to go down the hill again to crouch end. (quicker to walk back to the station in my opinion as less traffic on the other side = always has been that way due to the horrible light phase at Arena shopping centre).

I've had a play with some of the numbers from the raw data which you can see here

I've only had time to do some very top line analysis, and only for the Ladder roads and Green Lanes. Attached are a few graphs and tables to illustrate this.

Things to take into account

Most roads are one way so there is only one set of data.  Roads that are two way are shown with north and south counts

Green Lanes was monitored at 3 points and Wightman Road at 4

Goodness gracious me.... oh how I wish I was clever enough to make any sense of any of this data. I find it all quite bamboozling. Thank you for putting the effort in Michael though
Michael's work is amazing. If you look at the raw data, it's horrific.
Thanks for posting this Michael and for all your hard work. Is it possible that this data could have its own headline post as it will quickly disappear and be buried otherwise. Perhaps then people outside of the immediate Ladder area can appreciate what us Harringay residents are having to live with day in day out.
Good idea Karen. I'm out and about right now but I'll set up a new thread when I get home.



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