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Update on Harringay Traffic Study and Wightman Bridge Closure

At a meeting in the Library this Monday residents were updated on progress with and plans for the two major traffic projects in Harringay this summer.

The consultants running the Harringay Traffic Study were also introduced.

So far so good. To date the Council have been good to their word and the consultants passed muster for me. Not only did they seem to know their beans, they seemed rather, well, consultative (not something to be expected from many consultants!).

Following the meeting, the Council sent out notes and presentations to all who attended. I am attaching these here for those who are interesed.

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I notice that the diagrams show Willoughby Rd as one way, all the way. That's not right. I also see that the handful of residents on it will bear the brunt of traffic avoiding the traffic lights on Green Lanes, especially traffic coming from West Green Rd.

So they reckon an extra 390 cars an hour turning left off Endymion Road onto Green Lanes...I predict a riot

Yes drivers are such lovely tolerant people, no doubt some of them will kill one another over being "stuck in traffic". Makes it sound like glutinous dog poo when you say it like that rather than a bunch of large motor vehicles occupied by a single person taking a short cut through a residential neighbourhood.

I'm concerned about the plans to stop any traffic using Oakfield, Lancaster, Victoria and Florence roads from Tollington Park. This means that all traffic from Green Lanes to Crouch End will be funnelled along Tollington Park to turn right at the junction with Stroud Green Road.

I foresee traffic at a total standstill and nobobdy being able to get anywhere for six months and I simply can't understand the logic of closing a major through route and then blocking off every single alternative route at the same time. Of course it will protect residential streets, but what about the residents living in those streets who want to go somewhere!

Maddy, if Wightman isn't blocked to stop traffic going through the Ladder road the only thing the traffic would be able to do is to cut up one of them only to have to go back on to Green Lanes anyway as there would be no way out at Endymion Road. The net impact on traffic is the same but this way the Ladder roads don't end up with lots of drivers trying to avoid GL but ending up back on it.

Maddy: I share your concern if these four roads are blocked as turnings off Tollington Park - with 390 extra cars an hour on Endymion Road it certainly looks like gridlock would ensue if the only turning is onto/from Stroud Green Road - but I'm not sure where you've seen plans for this. There's nothing on the Wightman Road closure map (downloaded from this site a couple of weeks ago) and I can't find a reference in the attachments Hugh added above, nor anything about the W5 being diverted from Oakfield Rd. I've probably missed something, so where should I look?

I don't think it's a definite scheme as yet, but they are consulting with the residents of those streets who will probably say they want the closures. The map showing it is at the bottom of Hugh's attachment.

Buses will be allowed to turn, but not cars, so the W5 will still take that route - once it's got out of the gridlock!!

Maddy: Thanks, I'd missed it by not scrolling far enough down and only doing a text search on "Florence". If I lived there I'd probably not want displaced traffic from Wightman Rd either, but it does look like a major problem in trying to keep traffic flowing once the volume on Endymion Rd increases.

Would Option A (close road only near bridge works) been easier and cause less congestion? I worry about the instant rise in air pollution coming into the ladder roads with the current road closure structure. there are also two primary schools on the ladder, so would not this effect children's lungs that are in their playgrounds? 

Mmm, the problem with Option A is that the 120,000 cars that use Wightman every week would reroute probably almost exclusively down the Ladder rung roads, including the school ones. That would have a clear impact on pollution. I'm not clear why you'd have concerns about the pollution caused to the Ladder by the current arrangements,

I've had to sit in this traffic twice today once coming from Bounds Green , then trying to get to sainsburys in Haringey near Finsbury Park . It was terrible the thought of this for six months is terrible. I've got to get to crouch end tommorow morning any suggestions which way to go from Lausanne road ?
I'm still not clear which bridge it is , as cars were coming under the large bridge opposite Turnpike Lane , which is the bridge I thought they were repairing ?
Can I turn right out of Lausanne road and go towards back of shopping city and go over ally pally to get to crouch end ?
The cars have been zooming up Lausanne road all day this is going to be a noisy summer !

No you can't turn right out of Lausanne, as hundreds of vehicles are currently finding.



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