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Shopping at Morrisons in Palmers Green today I noticed UCKG 'helping' people to pack on the tills.I questioned one person packing on my till about the validity of UCKG and my limited knowledge(that their owner is a billionaire) No response. Interested in anyone who can add to this and should I be complaining to Morrisons. They just have a charity bucket without explanation about where the money is going to. I know some here objected to it at Iceland. Any info please?

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Then in that case, write to him and ask him to do so.

Absolutely complain. They came to my house asking for money last week and I politely reminded them that thier Church is a scam. 

It isn't a scam but a money making venture i.e a business.

i had the same reaction last week when their people were behind the grocery belts in Seven Sisters Tesco.

Keep yuck at an arms length and do not give them money. There are loads of charities that could do with the funds.

The church is actively scamming its flock. The flock actively scam the public for donations to "disabled children"  Yes it is a scam.  Hence why the leader is a billionaire money launderer  

Better to challenge their beliefs methinks. Bit of socratic questioning is no bad thing. 

What other organisation offers you an online "request a prayer" service?


They are all at it now! Just google "online "request a prayer" service" and you'll see that the ether is overflowing with God-botherers offering prayer services. I wonder how the Almighty ever received our prayers before the coming of the internet!

Can I request a payer that our vendors solicitor is struck down with a bolt of lightning, or a hail of turd?

I'm convinced a metric ton of manure would be more useful.

My very elderly Catholic aunt sends money to a 'priest' in Italy every year, when we tell her its a con she says it can't be as he writes back to her with a little printed religious picture which lists the prayers he has said on her behalf, plus a little note asking for more money.

They used to circulate a very ugly paper that was heavily disguised as a free community service and very discreetly bore their link to it. It ran stories such as crossdressing young people being successfully bullied out of their crossdressing by the church backing up their parents to shame them out of it. Really unpleasant.

There’s a charming story on their website about a family who were “cursed” with a gay son because they didn’t pray enough (or presumably pay their 10% tithe). It seems you can buy your way into heaven with this “church”



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