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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Really sad to read that Turul, the Hungarian restaurant that opened by Turnpike Lane station, has closed its doors for good. According to a notice posted on its website – not sure when it was posted though – they've been forced to shut up shop after being robbed three times in two weeks and losing all their wine stock as a result. What a sad indictment of the area and not exactly an incentive for similar businesses to open up in its place. Hopefully it won't go too far for its planned reopening.


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Jeeze, what a great advertisement for the area. I hope the crims get done.

I was really hoping this was going to do well as it's a rare restaurant offering alternative European food to the usual Turkish/takeaway stuff that's around, but I guess that's why they were targeted.

If you weren't aware there's a new Georgian restaurant at the top of Langham Rd.

Hence I note rare, not unique - also note that Georgia is in the Caucasus and not Europe.

So sad about Turul, they were lovely and I hoped it would do well.

on another note, I am currently crowdfunding to open a local restaurant, an evolution of the Supperclub I have been running for the past two years. If you’d like more choice in the area please take a look and share with anyone who might be interested. Www.crowdfunder.co.uk/pasero 

Thanks in advance!

Awesome! Good luck we will definitely make a contribution!

I suspect that wasn't the only reason. It was also very empty in there, I suspect opening when they did was just the wrong time.

Indeed, I never saw it looking remotely busy. The location seems surprisingly poor despite proximity to the tube, as the prior cafe didn't ever look troubled by capacity.

Dinner there was fantastic, and it's really sad as they are an excellent team and put in so much effort. Unforntunately, I'm sure the robberies didn't help, but I don't think the area is ready to support fine dining and their price point yet. 

Agreed it's an utter shame and it seemed to be a promising new addition.

I was pretty sceptical about its prospects but wanted them to succeed, if only to help turn the tide of the Turkish monoculture. So rare to have such a thoughtful, well considered offering in one of the less salubrious parts of the borough.

Yet in a balancing act of sorts, the Galata turkish cafe place that occupied the former Tramp premises has also closed. No joy in seeing any business go bust but it proves the point that we are past the supply/demand equilibrium when it comes to Turkish food and it's only a matter of time before things begin to change materially.

Was this the place next to the vintage clothes shop, in between the tube entrance & the 41 bus stop? If so it looks like it’s being refurbished, with a new name - I thought it looked like it’s going to be a wholefood shop or organic restaurant?

Real shame, had some wonderful food and wine there.



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