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COVID-19 vaccination pop-up clinic at Wightman Road Mosque today at 10am - 1pm.

The walk-in clinic is open to anyone aged 50 and over, & people with an underlying health condition.

Please bring I.D. and remember #HandsFaceSpace

Excuse the late notice - this wasn't circulated by the Council.

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I'm waiting for my second dose too  and looked on line - it said to wait to be contacted, this will be within 12 weeks of the first. I know others who are now getting a letter or text to attend for their second doses having had the first one in January.

The second dose needs to be the same make as the the first dose so this has to be taken into account as (I think) only the larger vaccine centres will have the Pfizer vaccine (it needs a specialist freezer).

"Re the person who said Haringey had put up notices on Twitter and in their magazine. There's a massive assumption there -1. everyone uses Twitter (many older people, the majority I'd say, never use Twitter), plus many foreign nationals (large numbers in my area) do not use Twitter."

No, there's no assumption there at all. The OP said the news hadn't been circulated and Hugh suggested it had been "poorly advertised" and I pointed it out it had been (at least) advertised in their magazine and on Twitter. I'm not quite sure how else the council are expected to advertise a pop-up vaccination centre.

"2. Everyone in Haringey reads the magazine from cover to cover - um No ... although it's occasionally interesting it's often just a positive propaganda rag for Haringey, so I often don't bother, or I'm too busy..."

Erm, I hardly think it's the council's problem you have missed something in their magazine because you can't be bothered to read it.

I think probably the wider point is that local NHS services are keen (I presume) to target communities that have shown themselves more hesitant to take up the vaccine even when called by their GPs and that is why they are popping up where they are. The people who traditionally visit those places can be expected to know or find out through word-of-mouth about these clinics and if they go in large numbers to get their jabs then the pop-ups have achieved their (laudable) aims imo.

Well to be perfectly honest, I DO follow Haringey on Twitter AND I receive the magazine, but I totally missed this announcement.

Maybe it would be more helpful if it was posted in supermarkets, chemists, and/or post offices? These are places where people tend to go...and they might actually see the announcement.

Anyway, I included the information for the upcoming pop-up clinics earlier in this thread, so at least that information is now available.

Good luck to everyone.

I wonder if it was advertised better within the mosque-attending community? That would make sense, if the goal is to encourage uptake among vaccine-hesitant in that community by distributing the vaccine in an environment where they might feel more comfortable.

Meanwhile, I think anyone over 50 can can book vaccinations at Book a coronavirus vaccination - NHS (www.nhs.uk)



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