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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

This splendid plant was grown from a neighbour's seed a few years ago.  Every Spring it produces these great yellow flowers.

Come Autumn there will be pods containing great big seeds.

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I have the exact same plant which was at the house when I arrived. It's a very reliable performer which, since the flowering season is quite brief, I've retained more for its form and foliage than its flowers.

My tree peony self-seeds every year. If anyone would like a seedling to bring on, get in touch. They usually end up in my weed bucket..

So beautiful. I am very envious as I have a tree peony on my allotment which has never flowered in 15 years. It used to get buds which would shrivel before flowering. I can’t even remember what colour the flower should be. 

Whats your secret?

Mine didn't flower for the 5 years that it was in a large pot. This year I transplanted it to half a barrel with new compost in a sheltered spot and it has flowered. I think that because they bud early they are susceptible to frost; maybe some fleece protecting the forming buds during the early part of the year would help (?).

It seems a bit unlikely that a plant which is endemic in parts of Tibet and generally grows at elevations of 3000 metres would be sensitive to frost. I would look at soil type and chemistry etc.

You definitely have a point there Dick; I was remembering something I read from the RHS "Tree peonies...emerging foliage and flower buds can be damaged by late frosts. Affected leaves and buds blacken and fail to open. Protect with fleece during cold nights." However many things can be affected by late frosts as I have found to my costs and if Elaines peonies buds don't blacken before failing to open then yes look elsewhere.



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