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I'll be moving to a new office on the Kings Cross development in the next couple of months and am considering starting to cycle to work. I haven't done any cycling as an adult apart from pootling along the river Lea and find the prospect of launching myself onto London roads rather worrying. Does anyone know of cycle training that is available locally for scaredy-cats like me? Also, recommendations for reasonably priced brands of sit-up-and beg bikes, the kind ridden sedately by Miss Marple, wouldn't come amiss. Cheers.

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That's cheap ! I remember laying out near £70 for my mobile security many years ago. If it's a good lock it's a bargain.
FPR, suppose I'm lucky that my new office has brilliant facilities for cyclists (lock ups, showers).
Showers ...the London cyclists holy grail., lucky you.
Great time of year to start cycling - you'll love it! Haringey also do a free bike maintenance course for beginners: http://www.cyclinginstructor.com/bike_maintenance

It's a 1-day course on Saturdays near Turnpike Lane - there are spaces on 12th or 26th July, 9th or 23rd August, & 2 more in September.

Check my twitter page for lots of free Dr Bikes, other maintenance courses & free led rides etc: @toni8776

Haringey council cycling events incl summer Dr Bikes:

Good luck & enjoy:)
Much obliged Toni

As encouragement, I have a son-in-law who cycles 13 miles from Hanwell to Waterloo and back every day....

I'm a cycling instructor based in Finsbury Park and you are welcome to contact me for advice. I can help you with gaining confidence while cycling in traffic and find some good routes to work. I've been cycling in London for over 30 years and have worked both as bicycle courier and van driver in the past so I have a vast range of experience and still love cycling.

If you live, work or study in Haringey then you are still entitled to 2 x 2 hour lessons for free with a cycling instructor.

Click on the link below and follow the instructions. You can select which instructor you wish to book from a list and they will contact you to arrange a suitable time and place to meet (this is the same link that Alison P provided).


Thanks Nigel. I'll hang on to your details and do the booking when I've found the bike.



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