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I'll be moving to a new office on the Kings Cross development in the next couple of months and am considering starting to cycle to work. I haven't done any cycling as an adult apart from pootling along the river Lea and find the prospect of launching myself onto London roads rather worrying. Does anyone know of cycle training that is available locally for scaredy-cats like me? Also, recommendations for reasonably priced brands of sit-up-and beg bikes, the kind ridden sedately by Miss Marple, wouldn't come amiss. Cheers.

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One other thing - there's a big industry out there trying to persuade you you need to spend a lot of money on performance equipment, clothes, safety gear etc, and there are a lot of people who have bought into it and will tell you the same. You really, really don't need most of it.

I cycle 7 miles to work, but I try not to go very fast, so I don't need performance kit and I don't need a shower at work. I just need a few glasses of water, ten minutes to cool down and a change of clothes.

I have a 1932 Raleigh 3 speed bike with rod brakes, and I commuted to the City every day on that for quite a few months. Yet to read the cycling press and some of the forums, you'd think unless you have a sub 10Kg carbon fibre frame, disc brakes and a pocket full of energy gels you might as well give up and go home, you'll never even make it to the end of the road.

The reality is that for most of us a sports-oriented bike is both more expensive and less practical than the type of sit up and beg you are thinking of.

If you turn into someone who wants to use their commute as a sports activity that's different of course. But the point is you don't HAVE to.

You can replace a lot of second hand Raleighs for the price of a Brompton though. And if you do have to leave it locked up outside at any point it's a very attractive bike for bike thieves.

Why? off the top of my head...

  • to join my colleagues for an after-work swifty in a standing room only bar
  • to try on lovely frocks in a posh boutique
  • because I've changed into said lovely frock to join said colleagues on an impromptu visit to someone's favourite restaurant
  • because I want to pop into the 24 hr shop with the micro-aisles for a pint of milk on the way home

If a bike is going to fit my lifestyle it's got to ... well, fit into my lifestyle!

Why would you ever buy a vehicle you can't leave outside?

Yep, because suitcase-sized, bulky and unwieldy are three things I can never get enough of when I'm choosing a handbag  even better if there's muddy wheels and an oily chain in the mix

A suitcase on wheels is convenient compared to a suitcase not on wheels, but it's not as convenient as not having a suitcase at all.

Sorry FPR, you aren't going to convince me that having to carry a brompton any time I'm not riding it is more convenient than locking a cheap bike up outside.

I've got a few bikes, including a Brompton, and the Brompton probably gets used least.

It's useful at times, particularly when heading out of London on the train but humping it around can be a hassle. On Thursday for instance I will be locking my cheaper bike up with a good lock before going to the pub to watch football rather than trying to squeeze in with a brompton.

In fact I actually have too many bikes if anyone is looking to buy a commuter bike, would suit someone short-ish http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/single-speed-bike-for-s...

Lot of food for thought. I must say I'm attracted by the idea of stowing a bike on the train if the weather is inclement but I think on balance I'll probably go for a cheapy at first until I find my feet (so to speak)

In terms of locks, this is probably the best security for the price, it's not light though and may be a bit of overkill


FPR, suppose I'm lucky that my new office has brilliant facilities for cyclists (lock ups, showers).
Great time of year to start cycling - you'll love it! Haringey also do a free bike maintenance course for beginners: http://www.cyclinginstructor.com/bike_maintenance

It's a 1-day course on Saturdays near Turnpike Lane - there are spaces on 12th or 26th July, 9th or 23rd August, & 2 more in September.

Check my twitter page for lots of free Dr Bikes, other maintenance courses & free led rides etc: @toni8776

Haringey council cycling events incl summer Dr Bikes:

Good luck & enjoy:)
Much obliged Toni

As encouragement, I have a son-in-law who cycles 13 miles from Hanwell to Waterloo and back every day....

I'm a cycling instructor based in Finsbury Park and you are welcome to contact me for advice. I can help you with gaining confidence while cycling in traffic and find some good routes to work. I've been cycling in London for over 30 years and have worked both as bicycle courier and van driver in the past so I have a vast range of experience and still love cycling.

If you live, work or study in Haringey then you are still entitled to 2 x 2 hour lessons for free with a cycling instructor.

Click on the link below and follow the instructions. You can select which instructor you wish to book from a list and they will contact you to arrange a suitable time and place to meet (this is the same link that Alison P provided).




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