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I snapped a few pictures of the Wightman bridge tapestry as we walked to the park this evening.

Well done children!

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Lovely photos!

Without getting too dewy-eyed, this looks like another another example of how a community starts taking more pride in the environment in which it lives and works (and goes to school!), once that environment is not blighted by excessive traffic.

It's graffiti. They're starting them young thinking that public infrastructure needs "art" to be valid. I'm just sad beyond belief that they yet again gave the job to local school children when there are unemployed artists starving in London. I bet there was an art budget for this too and after buying the school some paints the PSA have pocketed it. They may as well be learning to make carpets.

For those with no sense of humour - *joking*.

Actually, John I see your point..

But if that had been the case, The Carter Brigade would have been on to it, faster than you could say Finsbury Park.

The last newsletter said that the PSA intend to blow the money on gin*

*This is also a joke.

There were three very pickled teachers slumped at the entrance to Tapestry Way*. I judged it best to keep them out of shot. 

*Oh my God, how I wish this was a joke!

I can't help getting dewy-eyed, JoeW!  Between 1928 and 1933, South Harringay taught me my letters and my numbers, how to use a compass (drawing and geography), long division, multiplication, all the counties of Great Britain (and where they were), how to write a 'thank you' letter, etc etc, etc.  And in 1934 it was therefore almost entirely because of their efforts that I won a scholarship to a grammar school in Surrey!  So I can't help looking rather fondly on the public-artwork of the school's 21st century pupils.  I hope some of them log-on to HoL!

Great to hear from you again, Mr A.

They are really cool - the kids had a great time


Went past today, a lot nicer than having blank boards - maybe they could do this for Wireless ;)

Also I was wondering, I get the date is when the borough was established but what's the ranking of cultures about? 

In the absence of a wee winky emoticon, I'll take your question at face value and respond by saying that I imagine it's just numbering rather than ranking./

Ee gads! Don't let Nigel see that!!!

I used to live in the Gardens and stayed in Wightman Road last weekend with a friend just for nostalgia's sake. Lovely to be able to walk down Wightman with no traffic, very relaxing, not to mention being able to sleep peaceful at night.

Sorry we didn't walk across the bridge. If I'd known about the 'graffiti' I'd have been there in a shot.



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