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It's certainly over exaggerated in that article.  The park has events in it for 40% of the summer (5 out of 13 weeks).  While there are still areas of the park you can visit, you have to be able to tolerate the large amount of noise generated by the festival/event.

Now I certainly wouldn't argue that there should be no events in the park, but it does feel like there taking the Micky a bit this time round.

There are other wonderful parks in Haringey to go to.  Downhills park/the rec.     Parks gotta pay the rent too I suppose. 

Well said. 

Tris I see my original reply to you was removed by the admins, and rightly so it was quite nasty. Just to be clear I posted for no other reason than to spark a conversation. That's all. By the way I am no fan of FoFP, or the article for that matter. I went to one of their meetings about 2 years ago and thought it was shambolic. I've never been back since. I am also pro concerts but am against the way the money is spent. In my opinion the majority of investment needs to be ringfenced on sustainable and permanent employment. 

I regularly run or volunteer at Finsbury parkrun, and I sometimes teach running in the park. If parts of the park are closed other parts are still open, and other parks are available. I volunteered at Pymmes parkrun on Saturday when Finsbury parkrun was cancelled. No big deal. The noise from the concerts is annoying but doesn't go too late, and it brings in valuable income.

"Half the park" probably refers to the accessible open spaces. Put the out-of bounds areas into the equation, flower beds, lake, running track etc and you'll see that most of the open spaces are taken up with these events. 

OK, I didn't phrase that well. I meant the open grassland areas.

The strip alongside Seven Sisters Rd was inside the event boundary.

And like I said, other parks are available. Really nice ones too. Chestnuts, Downhills, Bruce Castle, Lordship Rec, Markfield, Priory Park, the parks are what makes me love living here.

I do 10km runs round Finsbury Park 3/week and generally they are good at keeping the outside of the park open, so still plenty of room to run and dog walk. And yes they have been good traffic wise, and realise people like me with headphones on are pretty oblivious to traffic around

but yes great shame that the fall out from friends of Finsbury Park, is that money made for events is no longer passed onto smaller parks. At least that’s what I heard and if true, very sad

Like Hyde Park, Regents Park, Wimbledon Common etc, etc.  Yes, there are other parks but those who live and walk through Finsbury Park are concerned about that park and how it is being sold to provide income for Haringey Council.

None of those are in Haringey like the parks I listed.

We can always rely upon Tris to speak upon behalf of Haringey Council and the event promoters.



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