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The Future of the Hawes and Curtis Site - Cycling Cafe included

We've learned from MAA Architects and the Hadley Property group that plans are afoot for the Hawes and Curtis site.

MAA Architects said "Cycling is at the heart of our new scheme in Harringay - a cycle cafe & links to Sustrans routes".

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Good to finally see what is happening at this site which is clearly good for housing. Had heard a while back there would be 5/6 stories. Not sure how they link to Sustrans routes; are there any nearby? Getting some trees back would be nice after the others were chopped down!

Are the trees I see in the image the ones that should have replaced the magnificent mature London Plane trees that were cut down some years ago, and the site owners told to replace but never have???

2008, not long before it was cut down:

Cycling Cafe, excellent addition to the neighbourhood

This is interesting. I wonder if it will be a 'Look Mum No Hands' as they and a lot of other small businesses have just been forced out by a massive 400% rent increase at the Trampery shared workspaces in Hackney.

Impressed by some classic archi-BS there to justify limited or zero residents car parking.

There's confusion on Twitter about what the cycling route is. Sustrans have said it's TfL's not theirs, but from what I can make out they were referring to CS1 which runs along the A10. So, go figure.

I didn't have time to check yesterday, but have just done so now and can't see any planning application lodged yet. When I asked Hadley yesterday if they'd applied for planning, they didn't respond (though they were happy to confirm that the development is on the Hawes and Curtis site).

So it may be that someone's let the cat out of the bag before they should have done - or it's just some pre-planning chatter. I'm not well enough versed in these matters to know what might be normal. 

Hadley also said they'd like to come and speak with us further down the line. I took the 'you' in what they said to mean the community in general.

Who's Hadley?

If it is the current owners of the site making the planning application, perhaps we should ask that the council should make any positive application contingent on them replacing the trees they were told they should replace after illegally chopping them down and have as yet (years on) not done so.

Perhaps the way to ensure this would be have the pay a bond that would only be released once compliance is achieved!

They're developers. Whether they're also the landowners or not, I'm not sure. 

As to the trees, it would be a reasonable request of us to make to the developer and or Council. Perhaps they could give the Council funding to plant the whole side of the road from Colina to Frobisher with some suitable trees that would enhance the environment but not threaten the buildings. It shouldn't be too much of a problem as the houses are set quite far back.

It's probably at the stage of a pre-application discussion Hugh, where they get a sense from Haringey what would be acceptable in a proposal for the site before they go to the expense of submitting a full application. For a site of this size and its potential impact on the area I would expect them to hold some kind of developer/resident forum.

Thanks Michael. Your knowledge of how a council works is legendary!

omg so so excited, cycling cafe, possible cycle hub

whoop whoop whoop



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