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About 6 or 7 vans, loads of police piled out and marched to the Kurdish centre. No idea what's going on, can hear chanting.

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Mmmm, I'd love to know what was really going on. Looking at a video shot on What's App and posted at Freedom News, whichever way I look at it, it seems difficult to view it from a perspective that would be more in sympathy with the police than with the occupants.

In summary, to a non-aligned viewer, it looks like the police arrived at the KCC in force with a certain amount of aggression in their approach. After failing to show a search warrant they seem to have been been barred entry and backed out down the driveway, some of them still apparently being very aggressive in style. The worst the occupants of the KCC did was to chant "Shame on You".

It's difficult to know what really happened. If anyone finds out more, I'd love to know. 

I saw these police arrive, as described in original post, and they were looking ready for action, piling out the rapidly arriving vans and marching down the street. I heard the chanting including Shame on You which is suspected was aimed at those police personnel. 

The event at KCC was an open cultural event with families and children present. In fact on Saturday there was a climate and environment Community Assembly at the centre, everyone was invited to attend on Sunday. On Tuesday I facilitated and attended a meeting with our local ward Councillor who is also the Deputy leder of the Council and the the KCC Director and a few other representatives. The real reason for the police attending isn't clear but it appears that Haringey police were not aware of the operation! For police from outside the Borough to arrive as they did in such an aggresive manor and not enter the building is strange, bur suggests it was more for 'show' than anything taking place in the centre. There will be further investigations into what appears to be an unjustified invasion and where appropriate I'll give a further update. I hope this is helpful.

Thank you, Steve.

The 'flyer' through my front door for the Community Assembly on the Saturday states

"This Community Assembly is organised by Extinction Rebellion Haringey with support from  Haringey Community Action Network to coincide with COP28".

Enough to put the wind up a part of the Met, perhaps.

It was advertised here on HoL

I know, but the form of words on the flyer names Extinction Rebellion as the organisers (I know it's the other way round on the HoL listing): that was my point as to one reason for such an overt visit to the venue, even if the day after the actual event. 'Send a gunboat message'.

People should be aware that this raid follows many instances of raids and harassment of Kurdish people associated with the centre over many years. Those of us who have followed this strongly suspect it is motivated by the Turkish government putting pressure on UK authorities. Note the brutal suppression of Kurdish people and many other opposition groups in Turkey over recent decades - e.g. arrests of journalists and lawyers defending people who have been charged with various crimes against the state whilst not being involved in any violence. The Turkish government often uses alleged association with the PKK as an excuse to silence opponents in Turkiye. In Haringey, a notorious incident some years ago was the arrest of an architect who was merely involved in work on the KCC building - her computer was confiscated and her business interrupted for months. Google www.campacc.org.uk for more details about the history of these sort of incidents, also Peace in Kurdistan , https://www.peaceinkurdistancampaign.com/

Haringey Community Action Network (led by Trades Council) has called for people to support a march this Sunday Dec 3 in solidarity with the Kurdish Centre against police violence. Quote from HCAN message:-
'Comrades may be aware of the appalling invasion of scores of 'riot' police on a public cultural event that took place on Sunday at the Kurdish Community Centre (KCC) on Portland Gardens N4 1HU. The reason for this unprovoked attack remains a mystery ,there was no warrant) but an explanation is being demanded at the highest level. I believe their actions were political and probably only backed off as they were made aware that there were a lot of local people 'occupying' nearby premises! I have been in regular contact with Turkan, KCC Director (who was assaulted during the fracas), including a 2 hour meeting. I am informed that they are calling upon people to attend a protest this Sunday, 2pm at Wood Green Cineworld. This is a blatant attack on a section of our community, which deserves our support.' (end quote from HCAN message)

Thanks Ann. I'm glad to hear there's some pushback.

Can we get any firmer than "I am informed that they are calling upon people to attend a protest this Sunday, 2pm at Wood Green Cineworld". It sounds a bit uncertain and may tip the balance against attending for those who are tempted. 

I quoted verbatim an e-mail from Steve Jones the coordinator of Haringey Community Action Network. That's how they tell people things, on their e-mail list and whatsapp groups. He is also the secretary of Haringey Trades Council which has a facebook page and a twitter but I am not on FB or twitter. I recommend people do attend and will try to do so myself. 

Thanks Anne for further information. This should be investigated. It was an excessive show of force and very disturbing for all. 

The Haringey Community Press is reporting that the community centre has filed a lawsuit against the police after specialist public order officers tried to enter and search the building without a warrant on Sunday, 26th November during an annual celebratory event at the venue.

We also learn that apparently the incident followed a visit by police officers two days earlier – at which the Met says they identified “a flag supporting a proscribed terrorist organisation”. This flag which was seized during the incident on the Sunday.



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