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Surveyor for possible subsidence; builder for ceiling replacement

We have had work done on subsidence three times over the last 15 years or so. 

A crack appeared in our sitting room ceiling, and I asked the insurance company to come along.  Before the loss adjuster could come, the ceiling fell.  I gather that the dry weather has caused problems in houses, but the loss adjuster said it was not subsidence, even though there are other cracks around the house that are like those we have had before.

So - can anyone recommend a surveyor who might be able to give a second opinion on this? 

And can anyone recommend builders so that I can get the ceiling removed and replaced assuming that the insurance company will not cover this?


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Hello Lindsay I can help you with the ceiling.  Feel free to contact me on 07871432282 to discuss the details. 

Kind regards Patrick. 

Sorry - I have been away.  I will call you.

Surely the house insurance covers a ceiling coming down whatever the cause !?

Second Maggie’s comment.  A loss adjuster simply looking is not good enough.  Areas of Haringey are prone to subsidence; we’ve had three years of work carried out because of it and you can see renewed and rebuilt facades all over the Ladder where this has developed into something serious.  Guide here to what you can do 


I am incredibly grateful to both of you and am seeking to take this forward.




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