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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Survey:We're having more sex (women particularly) and one-night stands aren't so bad.

Source of info:the Lancet, via a dear old BBC news report:

Is Harringay sexier than other wards or will Crouch End retain the trophy this year?

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Sorry, i thought i was on harringayonline, my mistake.

Quite so TBD.  We don't specify what members wish to post and start discussions on.  

And he has thrown down the (local) gauntlet somewhat...Crouch End sexier than Harringay? Surely some mistake? 

I don't think there are any rules - the site is not limited to local news, it's what we want it to be - everyone has a right to post whatever they wish (within the rules of decency etc)

I thought it was interesting and worth sharing with others, particularly if people want to comment as to whether Harringay is a 'sexy' place -Crouch End somehow seems sexier to me, but then again, others might have different experiences...

It's getting very sexy over in N15 as the film Fest approaches. Sexy bearded hipsters galore!

Chris, you have clearly not been out in Harringay lately with all those lovely young hipsters in our happening hostelries (am I allowed to say this as a married middle-aged lady with two kids? yes I think so). 

Someone's getting MY share

Is the video presenter, Ms Johnson, a product of the tantric sex laboratory experiments of Masters & Johnson of some decades ago? Important that we observe some academic er rigour around this research - otherwise we descend into the gutter of Crouch End or N15 behavio(u)ral comparisons.

Crouch End is more dishevelled than Harringay but also more beautiful - there are more Lotus eaters here and we don't mind who knows it.

Harringay seems in it for the pure pleasure, whatever anyone else thinks, so (Cockerney East Enders accent coming up) 'mind your own business thank you very much' - straightlaced!

A friend who did costumes for movies told me a story (she was French) about how in Paris the people look so beautiful walking around but naked they were nothing compared to the Americans who dressed like tramps. Underneath the disheveled exterior of a Harringayite is the buff and potent body of a movie star. Fact. ;)

Very nice!

You're not suggesting a naked bike ride, are you?  Then we'd know the truth - sounds as if you might like to score as they pass by:

I'll see your warehouse and raise you not one but two Dr Who's and a range of creatives up for anything  all year round.  With the best coffee. Before and after.

Let's face it, we're just more west than you east enders.



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