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This is what I found when I dug up some spuds:

Yes.  It's an intact bird's egg.  A bit of a mystery.  No animal I know of takes eggs and carefully buries them.  I did once see a couple of ducks waddling near that corner of the garden but it seems unlikely (not to mention foolhardy given the proximity of the foxes) that a duck would lay an egg in a potato trench.

Any ideas out there?

Anyone want it?

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How strange. I wondered if it might be a grass snake egg. But aren’t they longer?

I've found the odd egg at my Allotment. I believe foxes are known to do this.

I'm guessing it's a fox's hoard.

Maybe there's a platypus in the river!

it's done by foxes I also had one buried in my potato planter. I also once found one of my white sea shells  from my garden that looks  egg shaped planted in there too !

Twice Ive discovered hens eggs in a small planter on the back wall- my neighbour keeps chickens- the culprit was a grey squirrel!



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