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Do you think TfL will manage to wrestle some streets off Kensington and Chelsea? 

And do you think we could get them to take over a few Harringay streets too (Wightman)? Haringey Council seem to have a similar ideological hatred of cyclists...


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Be very very careful about what you ask for....

Over here Tottenham the TFL scheme to re-establish two way traffic on the Seven Sisters-Broad Lane gyratory resulted in the loss of pedestrian walkway to motorised vehicles. The ex Broadway lost its planters and some trees. TFL actaully added a 6th!!!!! lane for traffic. They plonked the CS1 cycle lane onto the previously wide footpath and now walkers frequently block cyclists as the layout is ambiguous. They have directed the CS1 to use a large trunk of the pavement/footp[ath in front of Wards Corner, and so into the heavy pedestrian traffic going in and out of the tube entrance! A stupid decision clear for any moron to deduce as being problematic.

They also removed the very much used, protected pedestrian crossing at the Well/intersection of Philip Lane and the High Road. This has resulted in an big increqse on fatal accidents at that location. This is normally going to be reversed this autumn after several years of  community campaigning with the assistance of Haringey Councillors and officers. The removed the faux period lamposts (the entire High rd was at the time, and most still is, made up of conservation areas known as the Tottenham Historic Corridor) andinstalled  mismatched nowherian lamp posts.

THe TFL schemE at BRuce GRove is more succesSful...The communit lobbied hard to try and get more of waht we wanted and not necessarily what TFL wantaed to fob off on us. We got nicer paving, a sort of decluttering although funding put paid to this, more pedestrain crossing and a narrower High road that is better for all those people who shop in Bruce Grove.

Our main problem now is some shop owners who pay no attention to the way they present their shops, the abundance of highlyt anti social gambling establishments and recently the attempts by a big gamnbling shop and world junk food chain, to take over two of the larger units in order to swindle vulnerable people of the little money they have  and to peddle their very unhealthy junk food wrapped in throw away packning to another set of gullible residents.

Agree with JJ B that TfL can be very contradictory in their policies.  My experience of working with them is that they definitely favour the movement of their own vehicles over cyclists and pedestrians.  Consider this public realm policy:


They dont like trees, cycle parking or seating in tube station forecourts which can be seen at the almost completed Highbury station.  Such a missed opportunity

I thought it was a hatred of motorists ...

Is that the collective noun ? 

Like a murder of crows ?




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