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A street light near me has been off for some time. My neighbour originally spotted it and reported it over 3 weeks ago. I have reported on the 'Love Clean Streets' app about a week ago. The response to reports on the app are usually pretty speedy, but the update on the report is stuck at "We will assess your report within two working days and decide how urgently it needs to be dealt with." There darkness on this part of the street is noticeable. My neighbour is concerned about the safety of it not being very well lit in this section of the street.

How long does it normally take for lights to be repaired? Has anyone else reported street lights not working and how long was the response time? How long do you think I should I wait before reporting it again? Many thanks for any advice!

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This is on the Street Lighting page:

"How long should it take?

Hazardous defects will be repaired within 24 hours
Serious defects will be repaired within 7 days
We will aim to repair other defects that are not serious or hazardous within 28 working days, but we do not have the resources to repair every defect within that timescale and so will prioritise the more serious and potentially dangerous defects."

There's a Street Lighting number you can call, as well as the app you've used. 0900-1700 there's a chance to talk to someone to explain why this particular lamp needs fixing sooner rather than later, reiterating your neighbour's concern. Hopefully the dripping water will wear away the stone, as the proverb goes.

24-hour Light Line: 020 8489 1335 (record a message after 5pm and before 9am)

And it will help if you give the street light reference number which is usually on a small metal plate on the lamp column.

Hello Gordon,

Thanks for all the really great information. I guess we're nearly at the 28 days since my neighbour reported it so I may give them a little longer before I call. It is noticeably darker but not serious or hazardous. Both the neighbour and I did include the street light reference number when we reported. I noticed last night that it does seem to come on after midnight so maybe it's just a timing issue? 

If there's no update by after the bank holiday I will give them a call, and possibly see if a few other neighbours will report it too so the dripping water is increased!

Thanks again for all your help.

Out of interest, are any of these on Mattison Road? There are a couple which I need to report…

This one is Raleigh Road, but maybe if they have a few in the local area they will send a crew to do them all at the same time...

KTwok, I couldn't find your report on Love Clean Streets website. (They only seem to retain very recent ones.) But - if I read you right - it seems that you've in fact  amended the report by spotting that the particular street light is on - but after midnight. 

My personal preference is to use the free website "Fix My Street".  https://www.fixmystreet.com.  I find it's easier to navigate. Also simpler to use their map to see what other people have recently reported.

If you and your neighbours are finding the Council is generally slow in responding to streetscene problems I suggest some collective action may be helpful. For example, a small group of neighbours could agree to meet up and inspect their own street on, say, a weekend and share the work of sending in photos and reports of any dumped rubbish/potholes/broken pavements/malfunctioning streetlights/graffiti/ etc.

You may even make some new acquaintances and friends.
At minimum a few more neighbourly eyes on the street will benefit everyone.

There are 11 reports on our road, including a new one today. Most show in progress although a few show closed with a little sniffy note about no need to report again. Although quite clearly there is a need to report but perhaps to someone else since these all seem to be going into the big black hole marked "in progress"

Hi Alan, apologies for the delay in responding. I didn't amend the report and it is still visible as being reported on 12th August on my app. The status continues to be the mysterious 'in progress'

Thanks for all your other really helpful suggestions.

I have now also reported on fix my street, but I found the map less clear to pin point an address, it might be as I was using a computer and not a phone. I included the streetlight reference number on the report.

I regularly report issues and know that other neighbours do the same as I am in regular contact with quite a few people down the road already and we do have an active WhatApps group for the road to keep everyone in contact.

I'm not sure if it will make any difference but I have written to the Gina Adamou as she is listed as the councillor for this ward and may be able to assist in escalating a resolution since it appears there are quite a few streets along the ladder with faulty lighting.

Thanks KTwok.
I looked up  your report on FixMyStreet and your criticism of their map is justified. (I need to re-sample the various reporting apps I choose!)
Having said which, the lighting column tag does simplify reporting and the Council's contractors  finding faulty columns.

I will pass this on to Zena Brabazon (my wife) as I understand that Gina Adamou has some illness in her family.

We have two on Warham reported a month ago and then by several residents subsequently. I have raised an official complaint via this page as a number of people have also highlighted safety concerns on the Haringey app (one is at the entrance to the Passage). I have a reply and an assurance they will be fixed "in a few days". That was five working days ago. They are still not fixed. I will give them the standard 10 working days before I escalate. Perhaps if a few of us do this and they see there is a cluster, Haringey will act a bit faster.

One of the things I learned from reading the management theorist John Seddon was his term "failure demand".   (https://beyondcommandandcontrol.com/failure-demand/)

Linking this, Liz, to your mention of "a little sniffy note about no need to report again". In this case a failure to respond to "please fix this streetlight" is going to waste money and time if the initial delay generates duplicate requests which have to be recorded and actioned.

Worse waste if the requests and delays are to "please fix these potholes" which vehicle wheels are likely to enlarge steadily.

Thanks Liz, I've noticed the two successive lights missing and it feels very dark on our side of the road. I'm glad to have these contact links.

I reported a street light not working on 10 October 2022. I have reported it twice since, but it has still not been repaired.



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