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I was a bit annoyed to see Devran at the bottom of Pemberton hogging such a vast swathe of the pavement at the weekend with their 6 seat table spreading towards the road, but hey, look at what I saw this morning.

Do not get me wrong, I like the cafe street culture that has sprung up, but a little restraint is sometimes necessary. I think the council are making this a bit of a priority as the traders who normally spread their wears such that you have to walk in the gutter at times seems to have been reigned in. Well done them.

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Of course we could make the footpaths wider and push a lot of that traffic somewhere else...

Not somewhere else but off the streets entirely. I wouldn't sit at an outside table on Green Lanes! I'd spend the whole time picturing the state of my lungs.

I believe that businesses can rent space, and there is a chap in the council who keeps his eye on all this. I believe Costa (for example) asked for space recently and were turned down because of the amount of the pavement they wanted to take up.

Yes, I spoke to the chap at Turkish Food Market on the corner of Umfreville and he said they were charged quite a staggering amount for the privilege of selling fruit and veg outside.  I can't remember how much it was exactly but I remember thinking at the time that you'd have to sell one helluva lot of cucumbers and bananas to cover it....

£130 for a three year licence. Hardly staggering considering the extra street cleaning costs they can generate

My daughter tripped over one of their signs a few months ago that was protruding a little bit further out than it should have and they told me in no uncertain terms it was my fault and that as a mother I should have been watching her more closely. I bet you can guess where I don't eat out any more...
Please report it Bec. When I checked with Haringey a few months ago they told me that they don't allow any pavements signs/A boards at all.

They (TFM) were reined in some months ago for spreading wares on the pavement beyond the terms of their licence - and they have stuck to the licence since then.  Not taking you on Michael but they are regularly out with the broom themselves, and they will have a commercial waste disposal contract.  

I find Costa's pavement occupation more constrictive.

Being "regularly out with the broom themselves" is precisely the sort of behaviour I'd hope for and expect from a sensible business. People who understand that potential customers' good first - and ongoing - impressions are not helped by litter, and bags of crap on the pavement.
In other words that clean-looking pavements and streets are good for healthy profits in the same way that washed floors and promptly cleared, clean tables are good for a restaurant's business.
Isn't this a variation of the broken windows theory?

I don't speak for TFM or any shop on GL, but TFM - which is at my road end so I see this regularly - sweep up and collect fallen produce to go into their waste bins.  

And yes Alan it's, um, well, Good Housekeeping.   

And good business. Which is next to good neighbourliness.
Spelling it "bor" the U.S. way.
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Though there's not much we can do about this while the Council spends its time, energy and remaining resources driving off the HDV privatisation cliff.

And I notice we're a little blind these days to the space taken up at the side of the road by "parked" motor vehicles. I must admit that it has only been Hugh's posting of historic photographs of Harringay that has alerted me to the fact that the streets looked a lot friendlier and had children playing in them before they were allowed to be used for motor vehicle storage.



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