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We had two trees stolen from the front doorstep of our house last night. One bay and one olive, in distinctive pots. If anyone happens to see them on a Gumtree/Facebook marketplace I'd be glad to know about it. Such strong sentimental value -- both were gifts.

I've now read the thread about previous thefts (https://harringayonline.com/forum/topics/stolen-pot-plants) and won't be putting out anything that can be carried away from now on!

I suspect the thieves will be doing the rounds at night, so if you can make it immovable or write your name on the pot, I'd recommend it.

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Sorry to hear this. How very annoying!

What Hugh said.

Until moving to Harringay I had been blissfully unaware of the existence of this crime!

An elderly lady on Ferme Park Road had just bought two magnolias, they were stolen in the past two days from her front garden. Some commentators online are warning of a couple travelling around in a white van stealing plants from front gardens.

A neighbour on Warham Rd also had a potted bay tree stolen from outside their house on Sunday, mid afternoon they think.

Argh -- how horrible to hear of others getting stolen on the same weekend. Miserable crime!

Facebook has a couple of magnolias being stolen last night from posts outside a house in Ferme Park Road.

RHS has this advice

I had one stolen, then used this


Seems to have worked so far!

Last year three new cyclamen plants were stolen from my front garden.

That's a real Shame Pete, be nice to think you can get them back

Vine eyes into brick wall with chain and padlock.

I asume the thefts are opportunistic and they will usually not have cable cutters so will leave plants and pots that seem to be attached and offer resistance when the "grab and go" is tried.

I have used these in the situations where we've put a community planter on the street.

If you have a gate put a bell on it where they won't see it right away when actioning the gate

Do you have any neighbours who have those intrusive door bells that film everything that passes in the street? Although I am against them ( the anti privacy door bell cameras) this could maybe help you to ID the culprits.

For this reason, I only have gigantic pots out front (45/55L) which are so heavy when filled that it would have to be a really laborious operation to try to move them.



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