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Hi, I am based in N4 and rather incredibly, I woke up this morning to find that 4 very heavy pot plants from outside our house had been stolen, presumably at some point in the night or early morning (they were outside yesterday evening). 

I am really shocked by it as they were all very heavy, so the thief or thieves would have needed a large vehicle and I can't believe that there is much of a secondary market for selling such stolen goods!

2 of the pots that were stolen were new and had been put out this week. The other 2 had been there for years with no issue.

It is really upsetting as they were of strong sentimental value.

I looked round our street this morning and nobody else seemed to have had their plants taken.

I'd really like to get them back but am presuming that offering a reward would be pointless?

Has anyone else experienced thefts such as this?

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Sorry this has happened to you. It is unfortunately quite common and has been reported on the site before. The really large, nice pot plants are often targeted as they can be sold at car boot sales out of the area. I don’t think you’ll get them back. I’ve had plants stolen but I tend to pot up things in old buckets, etc. if they are going out the front. Not as nice to look at but not attractive to passing thieves. 

Sorry to hear about this. It's sad to say, but my rule of thumb is that if it can be moved it might be stolen. (Though I wasn't prepared for someone prying the toe hook covers off my car when we were away earlier in the year (Replacement cost at the dealer £20. Why would someone bother? Who knows: but sadly, if it can be moved it's liable to be stolen.)

Liz's option of using unattractive pots might be the answer. More discussion of this issue on Gardener's World website

I have noticed potted plants for sale on the face book selling page for crouch end, I'm not saying they're yours, nor or I saying that the ones on there are stolen, but it keeps striking me as strange that people are selling potted plants in this fashion, I mean when you like at the background of the photo the garden looks like crap, but lo and behold they have this fancy looking matured potted plant for sale....

Thanks, do you have a link to the Facebook page that you could share?

I don't at the moment as I see it on by phone popping up every now and again, but once I get a chance to have a look, I will send one. I think if you google facebook buy and sell <insert the local area> you'll find something...good luck with finding the plants, sorry to hear they were stolen

I hate to tempt fate but so far writing house number and post code in indelible ink on the pot and making sure it's in view, seems to have worked. Fingers crossed! 



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