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We've just had ours nicked. Two spivs driving a silver Mazda, registration VE06 XBY. Our upstairs neighbour alerted me, but by the time I ran out and confronted them, they had evidently more or less finished their work. They just unjacked the car, got into theirs and left. Bastards.

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How effing annoying! Could you tell me what street this happened on . Please call the police  If you have their reg  the cops will run an ANPR.. Seeing as it's Saturday night night there will be a fair amount of police about  

Pemberton. I've reported it. Not holding me breath.

They are probably on false plates but fingers crossed they get what's coming to them. 

A quick check online shows that reg does belong to a silver Mazda... 

In more sophisticated parts of the world the police might do the same!

This is horrible but, now, don't get sucked in by the garages in Tottenham who offer to come and pick it up and take a look for you. They essentially impound your car unless you want to pay the extortionate fee they charge for a new catalytic converter. Don't be put off driving it yourself to a reputable garage.

I don't even know if we'll get it replaced. Depends a lot on cost and whether it's covered by insurance. The car is 17 years old and only cost us £1200. No point in spending a huge chunk on getting a new cc, especially as there is every chance the same thing could happen again, and there is evidently !**! all we can do to prevent it!

If you are claiming on insurance, the insurance company will frequently specifiy which garage should fix it (ones they have deals with) but it is your right to have it fixed by any garage you choose, if you happen to know a friendly, cheap and reliable one. And how many of those are there around?

Although preferably not one too far away, since it will make a hell of a noise.

This happened to me before Christmas in the Gardens, and cost me £200 on my insurance excess and considerable incovenience losing my car over Christmas. I now try to park as close as I can to a high kerb, but if they are using jacks that is not much of a deterrent. Apparently Hondas and Priuses are especially targeted. There are anti-theft devices on the market but none of them are cheap when you factor in the cost of a mechanic fitting them. Disappointingly Honda agencies offer no protection, since they are happy that newer models have the converter in the engine well which is far less accessible than part of the regular exhaust chain.

Hear it happening All around the borough and even in Morrisons Car Park, Wood Green 

For those not aware they do have security cameras around car Park and Security are aware its a issue

Also All vehicles entering and leaving are recorded. 

In recent weeks around Noel Park area we have had a team of Police Motorcycle Officers                                    Who seem to have removed several of those riding illegal Motorcycles.  Lot Quieter in early hours              

Aware they have also stopped a number of cars.  Fingers crossed they are a regular part of Police growth

Can not believe that someone has not come up with a simply alarm that goes off when vehicle is tilted over by their lifting jack.

Read that some people have Stainless Steel protection cage over their pipe.                                                         But a Diamond cutter still goes through them 

Reports that there are several teams

Normally Driver , cutter and someone waving on traffic

Out of interest has anyone brought it up with Police at their Local meets ?

This is now a thing.  Been going on for years, but now much worse. Reason why in this article:

1)  'Catalytic converter theft: hybrid car owners face insurance nightmare' - Guardian, 1/2/20


2) Not risk-free though. 'Swindon catalytic converter thief was found dead under car'.




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