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I'm not sure whether this has been shared elsewhere on HOL - can't see it in a search but...

We have recently received a note through our front door that the St Ann's Low Traffic Neighbourhood will be implemented on 22 August.

This is a heads-up for anyone living in or driving through the area between West Green Road and St Ann's Road.  There will no longer be a direct route between the two major roads unless you are a bus or have a 'X2' exemption pass. 

Woodlands Park Road, Black Boy Lane, Cornwall Road and Avenue Road will all be closed to through traffic. 

The restriction points will be monitored by CCTV, so no doubt LBH will be issuing lots of PCNs!  Drivers beware!

I attach two documents, one a map of the area showing the traffic cells as they will be after implementation, and the other the supporting document.

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Hi Andrew, 

I’m willing to believe you on your “Huge reduction” but some stats would be good. 
And has the traffic count gone up on Terront?? 
I don’t know, but it would be useful to have the numbers. 

No stats I'm afraid. Purely based on my observations as I live at the Etherley/Cranleigh junction. But yes I accept "huge" isn't a terribly useful description. My guess would be a 90% reduction if you discount those cars that try and cut through but give up when they realise they can't (and those drivers are naturally reducing in numbers every day). As for Terront, that was always less of a cut through than Etherley but there's no reason why their numbers would go up since, like Etherley, it's no longer a cut through. 

Sat Nav now routes most journeys from Hackney and the SE to NW London through St Anns road avoiding traffic on other local roads. From 5pm-7:30pm stationary traffic backs up from Colina road, down Harringay road and St Anns road. These are narrow residential streets, taking the brunt of traffic diverted by the LTN.

This outcome was well understood, predicted and ignored during the planning and consultation period. There is no plan in place to address it. It is frankly disgusting that this was considered acceptable. 

It is also perhaps worth mentioning, Islington implemented multiple similar LTNs and the technology easily supports access for those with local residents permits. Haringey have chosen not to offer this, but without clear justification of why. 

Haringey have chosen not to offer this, but without clear justification of why. 

It's been covered elsewhere on here but Haringey have justified this throughout the process as wanting to discourage short car journeys from residents of the LTN.

From Haringey:

It is extremely important that residents inside (and outside) the LTN areas understand that LTNs are not just about stopping through-traffic, but they are also a behaviour change initiative to get residents in the LTNs areas to think differently about the journeys they make by car. It is particularly important we challenge the residents’ shorter journeys by the motor car which could otherwise be made by active travel methods to meet the wider aims of the LTN. If it is easier to drive, rather than bike or walk short trips, many residents are unlikely to change their travel habits, and will continue to drive.

Allowing residents full access to the LTN can be done by ANPR but we would not support such a proposal as it would be counter to what we are trying to achieve. This would not be an LTN. Transport for London and DfT have also been clear that they wouldn’t support this type of scheme and therefore our funding would be withdrawn. All addresses will be accessible for cars in the LTN area. 

Thanks Andrew, I wasn't aware of the justification. Even so, residents of Islington living within LTNs can now move freely through the restricted area thanks to resident permit exemption.

If the aim is to get more people onto public transport or cycling, perhaps we should ban parking from Green lanes? As it stands, it is the worst road I cycle on in the entirety of North London, you risk death from bus, moped and car doors opening as you share a single lane with gridlocked traffic.

Haringey’s justification is all fine and dandy, but it requires the council to make alternatives more attractive, rather than just using a finger-wagging, hectoring tone of voice. Where are the improvements to Green Lanes and West Green Road that would give buses priority? Where is the parking control that would make Sam’s cycling journeys (comment below — or possibly above, if this thread moves my post around) on GL safer?

The whole LTN scheme is based on making life difficult for residents and through traffic — basically pissing people off so that they’ll use their cars less. But it will only work if the alternatives are feasible and more appealing, and it’s not just based on ideology and minority lobbying. So far, there’s no sign of this.

There’s a comment above that road closures and LTNs are being implemented piecemeal by boroughs, pressured by the GLA, but what’s lacking is a comprehensive and co-ordinated cross-London plan that includes the needs of public transport users and pedestrians as well as cyclists. We’ve already seen that Enfield’s LTN just tipped all its traffic into Haringey; now Haringey’s trying to tip all its traffic into…. well — Islington? Hackney? If Rahman, as leader of Tower Hamlets, abolishes the LTNs there, does that then condemn TH to taking all the traffic that can’t get through anywhere else? What’s lacking is strategic planning.

Blackboy lane this morning 


Where is this traffic coming from?

Are these cars that have gone through the filter and will get fined then?



Not too dissimilar from normal. I expect it will calm down after a while. People will only make that mistake once.

I noticed that St Ann's and Harringay Rd looked ok today. Its starting to work.

Harringay road becomes gridlocked between 5-7:30pm as people head out of London after work. It coincides with Green Lanes becoming gridlocked and they can't make it through the lights turning right at the Colina road junction. No one uses the left turn lane as Salisbury road is faster.

Outside of that time, through traffic has reduced marginally, but was never problematic previously. Cars still race the lights from St Anns to Colina when traffic is light.

My suggestion is to make Colina road left hand turn only with camera enforcement. Effectively making the entirety of St Anns road a dead end for Northbound traffic. This would reroute Sat Nav away from the area.

Sam — If the right turn from Colina is blocked, all northbound traffic will have to end up on Seven Sisters Rd/West Green Road or the Green Lanes stretch from Manor House to Colina. None of these would be an improvement on the current situation, though Harringay Road would obviously stop being a sacrificial lamb for the LTN planners.



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