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Its seems squatters have moved into the old Post office in Green Lanes today.....

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I have no idea why they were Stav

At a quick look, Stav I see you added two posts to this thread yesterday between 18:00 and 18:45, Stav.

I can give a categoric assurance that those posts have not been deleted by admin.

In the event that we haven't deleted a post, the only other way they can be deleted is by the poster of the comments themselves, in this case, it seems, probably within hours of their having been posted.

In the thirteen years this site has been running, I am not aware of comments being removed in any other way.

Isn't it possible that the posts allegedly removed were answers to an original post that the  OP decided to delete and the subsequent answers disappeared in consequence ?

No, it doesn't work like that. If a member deletes their post, it doesn't affect those comments that have been made in response to it. Those replies remain, out of context. When a site admin deletes a comment, they have the choice of whether or not to also delete any comments made in response.

Please give details of times, of people involved, and any other information of actual threats made by those who squatted the old Post Office, have you informed the police or is it all hot air?

You can see for yourself Maggie. Some are still visible in the doorway including a named individual with their picture and locality. Plus there are a plethora of 'bash the fash' stickers around the neighbourhood which just happened to start appearing at the same time as the squatters. Fash of course are not actual fascists just normal people who aren't hard left. Actual fascists I would be happy to lay the boot into myself.

"just normal people who aren't hard left"

Citation needed

Ah, just hot air then.

Here's one of several Example for you. I've blacked the name out. "Bash the pricks" and "you will be found". I'm sure you'll argue that and other threats to police and bailiffs now covered by boarding are fine. You have some lovely friends Maggie!



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