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Someone keeps putting apples in my front window box and I think it could be burglars marking my house.

A green apple was placed when nobody was home and a red apple when we were home. Has this happened to anyone else? 

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Well, hope it's not as you say.

I've heard of this sort of thing before, but can't see how it makes sense. Is there really some kind of confederacy of burglars and burglar helper folk? I could be wrong but as I say..

A few weeks back I found a couple of peppers and an aubergine had been furtively snuck in the top of our flower basket. No burglaries so far, so suspect we just have rather fruity neighbours. 

As long as you don't end up with an upside down pineapple. If you know you know

Had to Google it, well I never...

A month or so ago we had a watermelon slice and a several strawberries added to our large planter at the front of the house. So strange. 

The answer to this sort of thing is often foxes

I was going to say foxes too, like Cathie, but I don't know if they would jump up on window cills? Generally, buried/hoarded food it's most likely foxes. They'll leave non meat items 'for later'.

I would suggest from the sound of it though, either smack heads or some local wag who thinks it's funny to wind people up. 

They are good climbers so yes. We have had eggs and fruit put in our front window boxes, and had a fox standing on the window sill looking in at us. Drove the dog mad!

They definitely jump on window cills

It could be squirrels.  What sort of apples are they? If they are not a uniform shape like in supermarkets then they could be fallen apples from a tree. Foxes may do this as well although they don't tend to like apples. Crows and mapgies cache food as well.

This has happened to me on mattison road a couple of times and also to one of my friends further along the road. It’s been bananas and an array of other fruit(I can’t remember)  it def wasn’t a squirrel or fox, left in my planter on the window ledge. Very strange, but maybe some caring soul just had a surplus and wanted to share the love



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